The Way of The Rose – 333 Essences and Rose Heart Anointing Oil

The Way of The Rose 333 Essences 

Pure vibrational healing for the Heart.

The first Essence in the series was birthed in January 2019 through to Essence 9 in October 2022. Each one giving a keynote and support as we move through these intense times of change on the Earth.

Pure Natural Spring Water
Uk5 Single Estate Organic Vodka
Energy signature of the 333 Rose Grid that was uniquely called to come together for each Essence

Bottled in beautiful Miron Violetteglass to maintain the energetic integrity of the Essences

Rose Heart Anointing Oil

Beautiful Pure Egyptian Rose Oil. Rose Oil has the highest vibration of all of the Oils and has been used for eons in Sacred Ceremony and for the Anointing of Kings and Queens.

This beautiful Rose Oil has been energetically charged on the three HeartStar Roses from the Rose Alchemy Oracle, to hold the highest frequency in this time of activation of the higher Heart chakra. The bottles have been here in the Venusian portal at the Rosy Temple and are now ready to find their new places to hold this clear, high vibrational coding and field of Love.

The Sacred Oil comes in beautiful cut glass bottles with a glass dipper and contain 3.0ml of the precious Oil. There is also a gorgeous velvet pouch to keep your Oil bottle in… all hand finished with ribbons and roses and a Rose Heart charge card for Altar use. 

  • Rose Alchemy Essences - Set of 3