• Chalice Well Retreat 17th September For more details on this event click here
  • Archetypes of the empowered Feminine

    The Mother, The Lover, The Amazon, The Medial and the Queen!

    A fabulous day of fun and exploration with the Roses… Who is your Inner Queen? She who holds sovereignty over your life and choices… What does she look like? Does she shout and stamp her feet? Create a drama to be heard? Does she shrink and hide? Is she still a Princess? Or is she The Queen of Hearts? 28th August 2016, Cadnam For class details please click here
  • Rose Rebalancing Grid for Healing (remote session). Very powerful work - great for balancing the divine feminine and the divine masculine. You will be a sent a gift voucher you or a loved one can use anytime. On booking I email you a voucher for the session so that it can be given as a gift or you can keep it for yourself. We will than arrange a suitable time and date for you or your loved one to receive the Rose healing. The cards are drawn especially for you and the crystals set with the your name in the middle of the grid. The grid is then activated and stays up for 24 hrs. You will be sent a picture of the grid to you. Along with an overview of the energies and anything specific that I became aware of. You can then print the grid and put it under a pillow or on your desk
  • Sacred Feminine Wisdom, Autumn Retreat for Women, ‘The Rose Temple’ The Chalice Well, Glastonbury Saturday and sunday 16th/17th April 10.00 – 4.30 Coming together in Community... time to nourish, inspire and empower your Inner Wise Woman and bloom your Inner Rose This Rose retreat will offer you time to pause, come back to centre and connect with your inner power... to tap into the infinite stillness within you... to feel replenished and recharged with a wonderful group of supportive women, who like you, have encountered adversity and challenges on their pathway to personal empowerment.   Price includes refreshments. Click here for more details.