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Rose Class 5 – Online


Rose 5 is a journey with the 11 gorgeous RoseMa Roses…These were the last set to come together to complete the Rose Oracle in spring 2014

RoseMa means The Mother of The Rose and these beautiful energies are the qualities of the Awakened and Empowered Feminine Heart in both men and women.

The work online is shared as 1 downloadable PDF.  This includes links to all video sessions and related PDFs from the online classes, with a monthly live questions and answers webinar.

You will have access to a pdf for each class session to help you get the most from the video recording. You will also receive an invitation to join The Rose Circle a special closed group just for our members to share the journey. The live Q&A online webinars will be through zoom and you will be sent registration details ahead of time. A recording of the webinar will be available the day following the live webinar.

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Session 1


  • An introduction to the 11 Rose Ma Roses and the qualities of the Awakened and Empowered Feminine
  • Rose Ma 1 – I AM Magnetic. I attract to me all that is in resonance with the deepest calling of my Heart. For in that is my truth and my power.

Session 2


  • Rose Ma 2 and Rose Ma 3
  • Rose Ma 2 speaks
    I AM Abundant
  • Rose Ma 3 speaks
    I AM Inner Strength

Session 3


  • Rose Ma 4 and Rose Ma 5
  • Rose Ma 4 speaks
    I AM Nurturing
  • Rose Ma 5 speaks
    I AM Wisdom

Session 4


  • Rose Ma 6 and Rose Ma 7
  • Rose Ma 6 speaks
    I AM Transformation
  • Rose Ma 7 speaks
    I AM Receptive

Session 5


  • Rose Ma 8 and Rose Ma 9
  • Rose Ma 8 speaks
    I AM Creative
  • Rose Ma 9 speaks
    I AM Unconditional LOVE

Session 6


  • Rose Ma 10 and Rose Ma 11
  • Rose Ma 10 speaks
    I AM Compassion
  • Rose Ma speaks
    I AM Protector

Monthly Live Q&A webinar


  • Group discussion and Q and A session on the Rose 5 Roses.


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