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Rose Essence Trinity 4 – LETTING GO WITH LOVE


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The Way of The Rose 333 Essences are pure vibrational healing for the Heart.

R3 RA2 RA4 RA10 RA11 RM9

This Essence 4 was created on the Full Moon on the 4.11.2017 to help ease the path of Letting Go with Love and to support and restore the healthy magnetics of the heart field and the path of Grace.

Pure New Forest Spring Water
Uk5 Organic Vodka
Energy signature of the 333 Rose Grid

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Trinity Essence 4

R3… Releasing the past and opening to joy

RA2… Surrendering the old to birth the new

RA4… Forgiving Self and Other

RA10… Deep Self Love

RA11… Activating your Golden Heart,

RM9… Opening to Unconditional Love,

Step into your future

Release with Love

That which has gone before

For all has its part

In the path of your life

The journey Home once more.

To Self

To Love

To Truth

To Joy

To dance with your dreams

In the realms unseen

Your beautiful heart to employ

For all will come clear

And each turn that you take

Brings a deepening Love for the whole.

Bring Heaven on Earth

With each step that you make

On the spiraling path of your Soul

© Sandy Humby 11.11.17


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