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Rose Essence Trinity 6 – I AM


This beautiful I AM Rose Essence was hand made with Love in the Rosy Temple in the New Forest, Hampshire Uk.

She asked to stay in the Venusian Portal in the Temple Space for 3 days and 3 nights to absorb both the lunar and solar rays before waiting for the right time to be bottled.

Pure New Forest Spring Water, Uk5 Organic Vodka and the energy signature of the 333 Rose Grid. 



This Rose Essence came into being on the Full Super Moon in Virgo on the 9th March 2020.

Her keynote is I AM and she holds the energies of the Threefold Flame of Christ Consciousness held at the Higher Heart Chakra/ Heart Star Chakra.

She weaves HS1 – The Pink flame of Love, HS2 – The Gold flame of Wisdom and HS3 – The Blue flame of Power… and the vibrational note of the magical Violet Aura Gold Alchemy Crystal Bowl… The bowl of Mastery

This Essence supports you on your pathway of Sacred Homecoming… Home to True Self and full Inner Alignment



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