Intuitive guidance, mentoring and healing sessions with the Roses

Do you feel a sense of inner peace, ease and appreciation of yourself and know you are ‘in the flow’?

Do you make time for you? Do you feel healthy, vibrant and well resourced?

Do you have good boundaries and feel an alignment and a power within?

Is your inner flame a wavering candle or a powerful beacon?

Do you take time to stop and smell the Roses in your life?

I can help you access and live from that place of inner knowing and wise council… to have a steady resource within that you can return to on a daily basis. To develop and trust in your connection to the wisdom of your higher Soul Self and to allow the true Rose of your Heart to blossom!

rose-archWe can all find ourselves challenged by certain situations and life circumstance’s, it often seems it is part of our journey! I feel that everything we experience in our lives is purposeful and carries within it a message and a nugget of Golden wisdom waiting to be revealed… that nothing is just ‘happenstance’. We just need to be able to come to stillness within, to hear and respond to the message and take action… to reconnect with our inner guidance system.

Sometimes it is just not possible to do that for yourself especially when perhaps you are feeling lost and overwhelmed. This is the time to reach out for assistance from someone who has already travelled the path before you, has been to some of those sticky places and can offer the support and guidance you need, to come back to centre and feel healthy, confident and positive about life again.

I believe that all health, wealth and relationship issues are a call to attention in some area of your life… it is often a call to address and change an inner pattern of thinking or behaviour… and through having the courage to address old beliefs and consider your story in a new way, previously closed doors can open and ‘magic’ happen. All lasting change in your life comes from the inside out… change is ultimately an inside job!

Can I help you?

I offer energy healing, support and guidance for you to safely explore your personal story, gather the nuggets of Golden wisdom waiting for you in your experience and help you make those changes in your life that can open up new pathways and opportunities. My focus is to listen and illuminate the key issues running for you and bring healing to all of those places where your Heart energy is compromised.

I have a lifetime of experience working with the empowerment of the Feminine and over 25 years specifically working within the field of mind/body medicine and relationships plus I have a powerful range of ‘Energy Alchemy’ tools at my disposal including…

  • Rose Alchemy

  • Pranic Healing

  • Pranic Psychotherapy

  • Pranic Crystal Therapy

  • Meditation

  • Intuitive Guidance

  • NLP, Timeline Therapy and Coaching

  • Holistic Health Coaching

Making an appointment

Each consultation is as unique as you are… I don’t follow a specific format in my sessions but work with my gifts and ‘tools’ for the highest outcome for your Soul’s journey and to optimise healing on all levels.

I work over telephone/skype/zoom anywhere in the world 

To book a session with me:
1 session (approx 1hr): £108.00
3 sessions: £295.00

To book and purchase a consultation please visit the shop.

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Thank you again for today I can’t tell you how much enjoy working with you and I count my lucky stars that I you came into my life… Wow it has changed!!
A.S, Northumberland
I sooo appreciate you, and how you talked me through this predicament in my mind. What do I want? is a good question and, as you probably guessed, the answer I gave you was only the half of it.
C.A, Hampshire
Thank you so much for a great session today, it was really powerful… My aching has gone! My fatigue is 60% improved from last week! My head feels quite a bit clearer already. Very positive about the next session, thank you…
L.M, Surrey
Thank you hugely again for your amazing in tune insights but also your empathy and loving support as always… thanks for such a great session.. Your healing is just incredible – will let all settle and keep you posted.
L.L, London
Sandy possesses the unique gift of being committed to seeing those she works with thrive on their own terms – a way-shower for personal fulfillment. I have been greatly gifted the opportunity to work with her over the past year. The changes in me have radiated through my family and practice in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I highly recommend her without hesitation or reservation’
Tom Gilman Architect, New York
Sandy ~ A lovely woman with a gentle calming voice, someone who is kind, nurturing, wise, sensitive, strong, vulnerable, giving… All of these wrapped up in one very special package as ‘ A Beautiful Gift ‘ would be, a beautiful gift which holds something very special within… This is what comes to mind when I think of my experience with you. Thank you for helping me along on my journey, being so real and open, genuinely able to relate, you have a special way about you which enabled me to open up, release and begin to blossom ~ As our chats may be miles and miles and miles away, often times it has felt as if we were sitting together in a lovely healing garden ~ You are ‘ A Beautiful Gift ‘
M, Long Island N.Y