Invitation to The Rose Circle

From early in 2014 a Rose Circle has gathered monthly in the Rose Temple Space here in Hampshire in the UK. The Circle has had a core group of beautiful Rose Sisters who have held the flame of the Rose alight in their hearts, and the flame has been fanned as we have continued to gather and share our stories, bringing comfort and support for one another and being a compassionate presence to the sorrows and the joys we experience in our journey.

The Rose Circle is such a wonderful nurturing and caring gathering and we go around the group with a beautiful talking stick adorned with a Rose, taking time to fully listen to each Sisters’ sharing. Holding centre space for us is always a Mandala of Roses and light… sometimes with crystals added if they call to come forward. From time to time we have opened the meditation out to provide a healing wave of Rose Heart energies to our community of Rose Sisters and their loved ones and globally to events and places that call for a healing balm.

There has been a calling for quite a while to offer this sense of community as an online offering and at last there is an opportunity to create a Rose Portal of technology and open the Rose Circle to be a global gathering. Women have always gathered in circles, as Maiden, Mother and Crone sharing the Feminine Wisdom and Sacred Ways… when we feel a sense of belonging and are fully seen and heard by another we are strengthened to shine.

Are you drawn to join us to experience this connection with other Rose Sisters online?…Visit the link below to discover more.

Picture credit… Julia with the talking stick in the Rose Circle 2018 

To find out more about the NEW Rose Circle starting for 2021 and to join us visit The Rose Portal...