The Rose Crone


The Rose Crone is a Divine Feminine Wisdom Keeper for the New Earth… A Visionary, a Wise Elder who works from the fullness of her Rose Heart. She is calling to those who resonate with her frequency, who feel moved to truly honour themselves and their knowing deep within, that they are here on the Earth plane at this time, for Sacred purpose.

When you tune into those words ‘Rose Crone’ what happens within you? Do you feel a shift in your vibration? A change to the way you sit and feel connected from Crown to Heart to Base/Sacral Chakra? Does your spine straighten at the very whisper of those words?

Many still fear the word Crone and her power, some recoil in resistance to the passage of time that she alludes to. The Crone is not necessarily age related… for many are here now who are younger in age but are old Souls and hold an inherent Wisdom within that is palpable. If we listen to Indigenous peoples and Ancient teachings they will guide us to view our community Elders through a different lens of perception… To see THE CRONE as – The Crowned One. THE HAG as – The Holy One. THE WITCH as – The Wise One.

Sadly so much in our current society favours youth and many women speak of their experience of invisibility in their path of maturation and the ceasing of the menstrual cycle through Menopause. It can be a confusing time for women as they transition from Mother/Queen to Queen/Crone and take their new place in family and community.

The Rose Crone once embraced is truly the Crowned Rose Of the New Earth… She has journeyed through the initiatory pathway of…

Maiden… her time as the Rose bud with all of its blossoming potential.

Mother… the years of Mothering in what ever form the maturing process was experienced… the fullness of the Rose bloom, which when it opens fully, reveals the Golden Crown, the Queening.

Crone… the carrying and embodiment of the Queen/Crowning into its ripening… the Rose hip  

If you feel drawn to explore and fully embody your Inner Rose Crone I invite you to join us on a magical and empowering journey… The Rose Crone Circle will gather in person and on line from the Autumn Equinox 2022 as we once again enter the season of the Crone here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Your invitation to join The Rose Crone Circle Online….

From early in 2014 a Rose Circle has gathered monthly in the Rose Temple Space here in The New Forest in Hampshire, UK. The Circle has had a core group of beautiful Rose Sisters who have held the flame of the Rose alight in their hearts, and the flame has been fanned as we have continued to gather and share our stories, bringing comfort and support for one another and being a compassionate presence to the sorrows and the joys we each experience in our journey.

The Rose Circle is such a wonderful nurturing and caring gathering and we go around the group with a beautiful talking stick adorned with a Rose, taking time to fully listen to each Sisters’ sharing. Holding centre space for us is always a Mandala of Roses, candle light and Sacred Sound with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls or the Birch Goddess Sounding Bowl… sometimes with added crystals in the mandala if they call to come forward. From time to time we have opened the meditation out to provide a healing wave of Rose Heart energies to our community of Rose Sisters and their loved ones and globally to events and places that call for a healing balm.

There has been a calling for quite a while to offer this sense of community as an online offering and at last there is an opportunity through the Rose Portal of technology to open The Rose Crone Circle to be a global gathering of Wise women. Women have always gathered in circles to honour their cycles and the changing seasons of their lives. Sharing the Divine Feminine Wisdom and Sacred Ways of Gaia… when we feel a sense of belonging and are fully seen and heard by one another we are all strengthened to shine.

Are you drawn to join us to experience this connection with other Rose Crone Sisters online?…Visit the link below to discover more.

Top picture credit… The beautiful Crown that came home with me as I connected with my Inner Rose Crone 2021

Lower picture credit… Mary Magdalene Retreat Day in the New Forest 2021

To find out more about the NEW Rose Crone Circle Online starting for Autumn Equinox 2023 and to join us visit The Rose Portal...


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