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The Way of The Rose is the Feminine path of LOVE. This is not a passive path, but rich with qualities of strength, resourcefulness, intuition, sensitivity, creativity and compassion

Known within the Ancient Mystical and Alchemical teachings and embraced and walked by those known as the Brothers and Sisters of the Rose, this is a deep journey home to Self and to self Love, self value and self esteem as the building blocks upon which life rests.

This powerful awakened Feminine force of Love, when viewed in Sacred dance with the Masculine principles of life, forms the very foundation of our journey. The dynamic balance of BE ing and DO ing in our lives. Receptivity and Action. Both are needed to create and sustain life, be that a physical child, a creative project or a business.

To reawaken and honour the authentic Feminine/Goddess energy within both men and women is the first place in which this movement to return the honouring of the Feminine principle is needed to be experienced. 

The Rose and her Sacred Geometry