What is Rose Alchemy?

Rose Alchemy is a high frequency, holistic, Personal and Spiritual Development programme, shared through 52 beautiful and powerful Rose energies each carrying Ancient wisdom and unique codes of light. The Roses offer a reconnection to Pure Love and work as a vibrational salve for the Heart, they are here to help unlock, release and facilitate healing of residual stories and trauma from the past. To open us to a remembrance of The Way of The Rose, the path of Beauty, Truth and Love, of Divine Feminine Wisdom,  Inner Mastery and ultimate union with Self. 

For many drawn to the Rose path there is an immediate felt familiarity as the work was lived and shared in the Temples of Atlantis and Egypt. The Brothers and Sisters of the Rose have carried this knowledge through the eons knowing that when the time was right the Rosa Mystica would be called forward again to open Hearts and bring balance, harmony and healing to the Sacred weave of Masculine / Feminine and uplift humanity. As above so below As within so without. It is time…

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Featured Videos

Sandy interviewed by Kasia of Tarot Map Aug 2019

20th October 2021 Full Moon Rose Reading, Rose Wisdom and Healing 

Mottisfont Rose Garden in Hampshire.  Some of the Roses in the Oracle grow here.

Upcoming Events

The Rose Crone Circle

September 21, 2021 @ 8:00 am - September 21, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

Meeting your Rose Crone – Inner Temple Wisdom Keeper

November 17 @ 7:00 pm - December 1 @ 8:30 pm

2022 Visioning in the Rose Temple

December 4 @ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

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    “Sandra Marie Humby’s Rose Oracle is one of my most powerful tools that I use with groups. Her accuracy in downloading the frequency and essence of each rose is incredible. Sandra’s wisdom of the Rose is a voice you will recognise as an essential guide of these times.”
    “What a gift you have brought fourth! thank you so much. I have also experimented in some distance healing work with them with others. I really feel like these roses have lifted me to another level of personal healing as well as my work with others.”
    “The Roses had a profound effect! It feels like the subtle frequencies of the roses allow us to open to them like they open to the sun, eagerly and without resistance. So we can absorb instantly.”
    “I’ve participated in a number of Rose Alchemy workshops and find them inspiring, informative and more importantly, a powerfully practical system for accessing higher consciousness. Using the Roses has cleared the way for me. It’s a real adventure to enter the Rosegates!”
    Rosemary Innes, UK
    “Working with the Roses has helped realign my inner world. They work with the deep feminine and translate their message at a cellular level. Sandy guides you to experience the Roses intimately, clearing and releasing old wounds and memories, bringing a new found sense of peace. The workshops not only help you to experience the Roses but to work with them practically day-to-day, empowering projects, managing energy, accessing divine guidance and healing. Sandy is a true ambassador of the Roses, bringing her own unique wisdom and magic, creating an alchemical fragrance of Love.”
    Melanie Oborn, UK
    “I have attended two of Sandy’s Rose Alchemy workshops. The first, was a thorough introduction to working with the roses, through personal practical experience with each rose card, in meditation, and a demonstration of the layout of the rose cards. The second, was a deeper exploration of each rose and an introduction of 3 Master Roses. The depth of experience in this workshop was noticeably more intense and felt wonderful.”
    Jane Orr, UK
    “Sandy’s extensive esoteric knowledge, and experience of space clearing and Pranic Healing, together with her own continuing journey with the Roses, provides a safe, professional learning environment, to explore, experience and enjoy these beautiful flowers and their unique, powerful healing energies. The boxed card set is gorgeous, so too the exquisite silk mats and silk pouches. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next stage of my personal journey with the Roses, at Sandy’s next workshop.”
    Jane Orr, UK