The Rose Dragons

2022 saw me moving from the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire UK, to Somerset and the mystical Isle of Avalon. Although on many levels the move 2 hours west didn’t make ‘sense’ I had to trust there was a Divine purpose in the process. I hadn’t long been here when I felt a strong calling to a Sacred site locally called Burrow Mump. The Mump was somewhere I was aware of but had never visited. From my first visit I knew that my presence had been called there and that this was an earth energy node that was waiting to activate to the next level. The guidance was that this was timed for the Winter Solstice 2022 and there would be many other energy nodes around the world activating too.

It has been an extraordinary journey so far with The Mump… but part of that unfolding is the emergence of 5 earth energy currents that introduced themselves to me as The Elemental Rose Dragons. They shared that they were from the 5D Heart of Gaia and that they were activating now as they had a major role to play in the next level of awakening in humanity. The ERD’s are here to assist in our true Heart reconnection with the Sacredness of the Earth and deeper understanding of the relationship between the elements within the body of the earth, the Gaian fields and our own embodiment, health, wellbeing and alignment.

These beautiful energies are here to awaken us to the full power and sovereignty seeded within our humanity.

Kuan Yin Meets the Dragon

Meeting the Dragon – Kuan Yin by Nachaya Campbell-Allen

Gaia is inviting us via the Rose Dragons to more fully connect with the elemental qualities of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether/Crystalline that make up our essential nature. Our physical bodies are of the Earth… her body is our body. Through the journey of connecting with the Rose Dragons we explore this relationship and new ways to balance and heal, by harnessing the wisdom of the elements within.

This will activate a further awakening to the truth of who we are through the conscious rising of the inner currents of energy and the bio-plasmic field of liquid light. The Rose Dragons and their frequency of pure love are guiding us on a deepening journey home.

Beyond the 5 Elemental Rose Dragons already active, there are 13 Celestial Rose Dragons also here waiting in the wings. These beauties will, in perfect timing, step forward as guides and way showers for the coming time of connecting with our cosmic heritage and full embodiment of the Christ light. We are being invited to have a connection and degree of mastery of the Elemental energies first. This ensures a steady foundation within for us to take our place as true courageous Dragon riders and Dragon Hearts in the mystical and magical currents of life… to BE LOVE in action… are you ready for the Adventure?

Elemental Rose Dragons


An Invitation to join me on a NEW 6 week Adventure for 2024…

Inner Alchemy with the Elemental Rose Dragons
Come with me on the adventure… Each week we will bring focus to the Elemental Rose Dragons in turn. Connecting with that Element in the landscape and in ourselves. We will explore the qualities of each of the elements and their gifts, create beautiful mandalas and altars, and receive whispered messages for the journey through these beautiful, powerful and Loving Rose Hearted Dragons.
In this deeper dive of 6 week connecting with the 5 Elements through the lens of the Rose Dragons we will also look at the Astrological connection to each of the elements and explore their relationship with the platonic solids. Which of the elemental energies and their qualities do you favour and which need more conscious acknowledgement, activation and integration? We will experience guided meditations from the Rose Dragons to strengthen, align and embody the qualities that will offer Inner alignment, illumined Heart flame and an unshakeable sense of Peace and purpose.

The first 6 week Adventure with the Elemental Rose Dragons for 2024 runs from 15th February – 21st March 7pm UK/2pm EST. There is an online zoom gathering each week with supporting material from the Rose Dragon of the week to guide us in our exploration. Plus a private facebook group for connecting and sharing.

Week 1 – Rose Dragon of the Earth… exploring the substance of our connection with Gaia. Strengthening and aligning our foundation within

Week 2 – Rose Dragon of the Water… exploring the waterways of the earth, and within us, our emotions and the stories we still carry.

Week 3 – Rose Dragon of the Air… movement and mental activity. The senses and connection to our lungs. The very breath of life.

Week 4 – Rose Dragon of the Fire… passion and purpose. The Alchemical aspect of fire, digestion and transformation

Week 5 – Crystalline Rose Dragon of Ether… She who holds the Crystalline light codes and weaves the Alchemical magic together

Week 6 – Bringing the wisdom together 

 🐉 £120.00 without hard copy handmade cards… or £145.00 with shipped hard copy handmade cards.

The gorgeous NEW Rose Dragon set is in the publishing process and anticipated arrival for Spring/Summer 2024

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A free-flowing adventure with these beautiful Elemental Rose Dragons. Loaded with information and eye-opening personal insights. Beautiful dragon roses speak for each dragon… giving us delightful messages of information and guidance! WOW! Ether Dragon is my favourite while Earth dragon is my most needed energy connection! So ready for continuing this marvellous adventure with Elemental Rose Dragons.

Janie, USA

I am so loving the rose Dragon awakening in me.


Thank you Sandy for introducing The Elemental Rose Dragons to us all. I have enjoyed stepping out into a new area of experience for me and look forward to seeing how it develops!


Wow the connection with the ether dragon was epic. I could feel it around my body in the diamond – just like a merkaba field. So different to the little earth dragon that sits on my right shoulder lol! Such different energies, what an epic journey – thank you.


Am loving the Rose Dragon teachings.


Thank you for facilitating a new adventure… I’ve started integrating some of what we experienced and shared within the healing I offer, invoking for the loving energies of the ERDs when something is difficult to move. The group work, while valuing each individual, has helped me resolve a widening chasm between group think/validation and individuation, which was been so refreshing. Experienced immense love, peace and gentleness working with the group… thanks.

I ‘knew’ I had to be part of this group…now i am becoming aware of the ‘why’!!!

I’ve been fascinated with the energy of roses for a couple of years and the energy of dragons keeps coming up too, so I knew I needed to be part of the Elemental Rose Dragon course with Sandy Humby.  I was not disappointed! Each week we were introduced to a different elemental rose dragon, with specific energies and message. I really connected to the elemental rose dragons. One sat on my shoulder, one swirled around my body and one was so huge. So enjoyed immersing myself in the energies of these Elemental Rose Dragons. The space held by Sandy to introduce and hold the energies of the dragons was perfect. Can’t wait to immerse myself into their energies again in the next ERD container.


Been loving the ERD experience!!!!


The sunset was amazing on the evening of our first class. And today I made a dragon for my altar from clay dug where the snow melted in our garden. I’m off for my walk on the Earth…


Thankyou Sandy for a beautiful and deeply unveiling course, a meeting and connection with The Elemental Rose Dragons. Our awakening to our deeper connection to Earth is allowing these Dragon energies to return, to activate, they are showing us the elemental energies that gently move and surge through our daily lives, that can bring us into alignment with our souls path and evolution.

Feeling into this field, this activation, of elemental energies, of Earth I see the leaves of gold brown, russet held in the ice, looking like Dragon scales I make an alter reflecting this with my dried autumn leaves and flowers, found stones and crystals , this Dragon also seems to help me choose, the guardian animal (the Dragon) for a chapter I am writing, which is also of the Sapphire, of earths origins. Of water I have found myself working on my mother aspect, this in my writing, a healing and clearing. I have rose water bathes with rose candle. Of Air, I was ungrounded and needed to do a lot of focus work, stilling, sanctuary work, I have a tendency to dream too much, to get scattered, so grounding needed. Fire has me refining my intentions for this Spring a quickening and focus, the sweet breath of Spring, I walk the forest in love with the emerging life, also a lesson in speaking up in participating, being a voice. The Ether Dragon is gentle and brings all elements together I feel I can hold her in my heart where she can transduce, distil all four of the Dragon energies into this physicality, this soul, to light the flame.

Sandy has been an amazing conduit, articulating the inner voice and guidance of the Dragons, holding this vessel helping us all move into unchartered waters with trust, Love and grace.

Jodie Entwistle, UK

Thank you Sandy, It was divine timing for me as I had started having a dragon come to me in 2018 (start of my cancer journey) and I was a bit lost as to how to connect other than sit with her. Then in 2021 Louise introduced me to your cards… and I was hooked! This course really animated the rose dragons for me… now I’m calling in the dragons every morning!!


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