The Power Mat

People using these Power Mats report…

* Improved concentration and wellbeing at work…

* Reduced travel stress and long haul ‘jet lag’…

* Easier and deeper meditation… supported sleep

* Greater clarity, inner peace and energy for life…

The Rose Alchemy™ unique handmade pure silk ‘power mats’ have been developed from the collection of Rose energies which form the core of The Rose Alchemy complete holistic rebalancing system…

rose-mat-rb5-on-flightThe ‘Mats’ work to support your energy and mental/emotional balance through your day to day experiences, supporting your wellbeing and presence to be in the heartfelt FLOW of your life through the pure beauty, perfected geometry and the energy of the Rose… The Power Mats simply remind your body of its optimal vibration of wholeness, balance and wellbeing even in the most stressful situations.

The ‘Power Mats’ are designed to conveniently roll up and pop into your bag or pocket… just place the mat on your seat and sit on it… connect with the Rose and feel the energy… The Rose Mats have been ‘PIP’ scanned by Dr Harry Oldfield and the results show positive activity from the energy field of the Mats as it connects to the human energy field.

Alternative uses for the Rose Mat are under your pillow for sleep under babies cots to create a protective field

Wrapped over or round a healing wound on the body

Power Mats for Pets

Many of the people who have purchased Power Mats have found that as soon as they get out of the chair their cats move straight in!

Cats seem to sense the healing and balancing energies of the Power Mats. If my cat Max goes to the vets he always comes back to sleeping on a Mat.

I wrote my book, The Fashion Designer’s Sketchbook, while sitting on my two treasured Rose Alchemy Power Mats. The planning of visuals and text was guided from The Golden Heart, RA11, and my words evolved daily through the light of Rose Bagua 4. The process was a long but very creative one and proof to me of the absolutely inspired power of the Rose! Thank you, dear Sandy, for sharing this silken, sacred alchemy with such creative skill and grace!
I used my Rose ‘cushion’ in my flight to California, and it was really great. I had two flights, a total of 6 – 7 hours, and felt really great when I got off the plane. Definitely will be part of my travel from now on.
Greetings Wise One! I had no jet lag whatsoever from sitting on my silk rose! Used it underneath two people yesterday during energy work sessions – they looked so bright and open afterwards! Haven’t done a reading yet, but looking forward to what happens. So loved meeting you… It was a most wondrous day with you. Blessings from Sedona!!
I love your Rosy creations and keep the little pouch with me constantly, with a couple of special treasures snugly inside. And I find the mat so good for better sleep as well as in the day. So an extra big thank you for the inspiration!
It can be an ordeal flying long haul but using the rose no.8 silk mat I had a truly different experience on my 10 hour flight to Canada. Instead of reaching my destination exhausted, void of energy and empty I was refreshed and positive. It was like I was kept in my own bubble and protected from previous negative energies which might have affected my experience. I carry this protective rose mat everywhere with me, so if I am walking the land I can meditate with it, or going on a long car journey which I find an anxious experience it keeps me grounded and calm. I would recommend this wonderful product as it has so many potential protective and energising qualities and is made with a great deal of love.
T. Violaris, London
Sandy, Thank you for the beautiful Rose Power Mat… It is already working it’s magic on the family! My daughters aged four and 18months share a bedroom and each night I discover the mat under one of their beds. They alternate each night and have learnt to share this gentle energy with no prompting from me.

I have always suffered terrible travel sickness and recently booked a few days away with my mother for her 60th birthday. This would be the first time we had spent alone together since our turbulent relationship cooled off in my mid twenties. It was also to be the first time I had left my children in eight years. Needless to say I was experiencing high levels of anxiety which could only make my travel sickness worse.

On the outward flight I placed your Rose power mat on my seat and despite a rough journey arrived feeling refreshed and ready to begin clearing blocks in my relationship with mum.

Homeward bound and after a calming reconnection with my mum I was looking forward to seeing my children and was generally far more relaxed. I forgot to place the Rose Mat on my seat and by the time we landed I felt terrible!

I will never travel without your amazing power mat again! Love and thanks!

Helen W, Hampshire, UK
I ‘accidentally’ slept on a rose mat last night and had the best sleep of the past couple of years – short and sweet and restful without waking in between. So nice!I had slept on it beneath my head before – rested over the pillow – but this was somewhere around my hips last night and very supportive.


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