Intuitive Guidance, Mentoring and Healing sessions with Sandy

Intuitive Guidance and Mentoring consultations

An Intuitive guidance session with Sandy can help bring illumination, healing and comfort to support your navigation through the inevitable ups and downs of life. Sandy’s insights, compassion and deep wisdom can help you see the ‘Soul Gold’ to be found in the different situations, experiences and even the characters who have shown up on the screen of your life.

During the sessions Sandy will work with the Rose Alchemy rose codes of light for extra guidance and insight. Through the process of the consultation she will craft a unique healing grid  for you… and where appropriate use a beautiful unwinding process to release any contracting emotions, thoughts and memories which may be impacting on your ability to heal and move forward.

Each session is recorded and the Rose grid photographed and emailed to you for you to print and continue to work with in your own time. Each grid is also activated and held within the Inner Sanctum of the Rosy Temple for 48 hr after the consultation to support the healing process.

Sessions offered are… 60 minute session  – £125.00

Healing and Soul Alignment sessions with Sandy

Sandy is a multi faceted Energy Alchemist so sessions are suited to your needs be that Healing/Mentoring through zoom/skype so visual/verbal alongside the session or just remote Healing at an agreed time followed by feedback through e mail/phone/zoom.                       

rose-archEach session is approx 75 mins and it is recommended that 3 sessions are purchased to enable the work to be in depth and have traction. On booking Sandy will send you an intake form to be filled in and contact you to arrange dates.

Sandy may work with a combination of her powerful energy Alchemy tools… including Rose Alchemy, Dowsing/Unwinding and creating a personalised Sound Therapy meditation for you with affirmations and the beautiful Alchemy Crystal bowls.

A Rose Grid will always be created to complete the session and that will remain in place in the Rose Temple for 48 hrs.

Sessions offered are… 1 session – approx 60 mins – £125.00 🌹  3 sessions – £333.00 

Feedback from a remote session…’Hi! Just spoke with ***…she slept until 9am – well past her usual time. Her voice sounds more clear and her energy feels more vital… and she says this is the best she’s felt in 6-8 months’ AR USA

Coming for 2023 – Embodying your Rose Crone Goddess

Half or full day in person consultations with Sandy at her home in Somerset. Connecting you with your Inner Rose Crone… The Crowned One, your Wise woman within, to receive the whispered messages of your true Soul calling. 

  • Special recalibration and recharge time for you in high frequency space

  • Personal Focus Session

  • Rose Reading – current alignment

  • Visioning Grid – mapping your re set path

  • Rose Soul meditation – bringing you home

  • Sound Bath with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls

  • Forest Bathing – nourishing your Soul

  • Forest Photography I AM session

  • Meeting your Inner Rose Crone

  • Delicious Organic Vegetarian food

Making an appointment

Each consultation is as unique as you are… I don’t follow a specific format in my sessions but work with my gifts and ‘tools’ for the highest outcome for your Soul’s journey and to optimise healing on all levels. 


To book and purchase a consultation please visit the shop.

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Thank you again for today I can’t tell you how much enjoy working with you and I count my lucky stars that I you came into my life… Wow it has changed!!
A.S, Northumberland
I sooo appreciate you, and how you talked me through this predicament in my mind. What do I want? is a good question and, as you probably guessed, the answer I gave you was only the half of it.
C.A, Hampshire
Thank you so much for a great session today, it was really powerful… My aching has gone! My fatigue is 60% improved from last week! My head feels quite a bit clearer already. Very positive about the next session, thank you…
L.M, Surrey

Sandy’s energy work is unique and profound.

After having worked on our properties remotely and in person – Sandy was able to resolve geopathic stress and negative energies to restore harmony, alignment and balance throughout.

Sandy has also given me incredible help and support with her wonderful healing work – from my initial cancer diagnosis and throughout the treatment.  I know that it played a major role in my full recovery and it now continues in maintaining optimal health of my body.

She is a true light worker blending a very sensitive mix of knowledge, intuition and intelligence into her diagnosis and treatment . I highly recommend Sandy. L.London

L.L, London
Sandy possesses the unique gift of being committed to seeing those she works with thrive on their own terms – a way-shower for personal fulfillment. I have been greatly gifted the opportunity to work with her over the past year. The changes in me have radiated through my family and practice in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I highly recommend her without hesitation or reservation’
Tom Gilman Architect, New York
Sandy ~ A lovely woman with a gentle calming voice, someone who is kind, nurturing, wise, sensitive, strong, vulnerable, giving… All of these wrapped up in one very special package as ‘ A Beautiful Gift ‘ would be, a beautiful gift which holds something very special within… This is what comes to mind when I think of my experience with you. Thank you for helping me along on my journey, being so real and open, genuinely able to relate, you have a special way about you which enabled me to open up, release and begin to blossom ~ As our chats may be miles and miles and miles away, often times it has felt as if we were sitting together in a lovely healing garden ~ You are ‘ A Beautiful Gift ‘
M, Long Island N.Y