Space Alchemy

Rosy Vibrational Healing for the Heart of your Home 

I am a House Whisperer with over 25 years experience of working with the energy signature of spaces… hundreds of consultations, each with a unique story, through the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and USA.


I have developed a particular expertise in connecting with the true Heart and Soul of a space and being able to sensitively tune in and release any residual Spirit energies that may be caught Earth bound through heart trauma.


I can help you discover and understand your unique Soul connection with the place you call home. You and your home are in dynamic relationship and you came together in just the same way as you would meet and choose a partner!… So what would your home have to say? What was your attractor factor?


Through my consultations I offer healing and re-Soul-ution of karmic and other stories that may be running in the background and impacting on your life. This can help you bring a new level of wellbeing, happiness and positivity for you and your family, opening you to a deeper sense of true connection and Heart coherence with the Heart of your home.


You can see more about the Space Alchemy service I offer for Homes (and Businesses!) plus fascinating consultation stories and client feedback at

Disturbed and unsettled energy in your home can have a huge unseen impact on your energy, vitality and positivity in life… and also your family and pets.

So how do you know if it is your home that needs help?

Do you sleep well?  Do you experience a lot of unexplained headaches/allergies/health issues?  Does your energy drop when you come home?  Do you find it difficult to clear clutter?  Do you LIKE being at home? Do you feel good there?  Is your energy and overall vitality good?  Do you feel abundant and creative?  Are your relationships healthy?

Feel at Home

feel-at-home-picI am often described as a natural homemaker and over the years and many house moves I have become an expert in creating healthy, high vibration space that you can go into and immediately feel relaxed and at ease. This feeling of being at home is essential for our wellbeing on all levels… enabling us to feel safe, nourished, inspired and energised to go back out into the world and share our precious gifts. As we move more fully into the new Aquarian Energies it feels even more important that we have beautiful, high frequency, Heart aligned fractal energy in our homes to support us on every level.

How often have you gone into a room and just knew it did not feel right? Maybe just a slight feeling of unease or perhaps chill cold and gives you the creeps? Either way, spending time in this room will mean even at an unconscious level your energy field becomes contracted in protection. Ultimately long term this contraction will affect your energy and vitality for life.

Every House has a Story

space-clearingAll houses, even new ones, have a story! By uncovering that story and gently communicating with the Heart and Soul of a house it will reveal its secrets and release its past emotional imprint. It is this old energetic coding which can affect your life in so many ways… my aim is to facilitate that release and clearing process with you and bring your home’s true clear beating heart into resonance with yours!


We have been through so much in these past 4 years in particular and our view of our homes has changed… not just as bricks and mortar but more as a true Sanctuary. Now more than ever it essential that we have aligned, high frequency space to assist our path of Sacred Homecoming to ourselves… home to Loving ourselves and Loving life

My Journey

rose-mapAs part of my own journey in exploring the nature of our spaces I have studied Form School Feng Shui with Roger Green, Pranic Feng Shui with Master Hector Ramos and Master Stephen Co and I am a KLC London trained Interior Decorator. I was a finalist in the Interior Design Awards in London in 2003.

For 10 years from 2005 I was the co-creator of  the Art of House Whispering with Christian Kyriacou. During this time, through hundreds of consultations together in Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Uk, Christian and I developed a unique way of tuning in and reading the energies and embedded stories which make up our experience of our home. We facilitated for our clients a way of seeing and releasing old energy imprints and past patterns they were carrying, as revealed through the external lens that the house offers. Our homes reveal their stories if we stop and really listen.

Since 2015 I have developed this powerful and transformative work further, weaving the high frequency Rose Alchemy codes into the process and Crystal Alchemy sound technologies. This embeds the beautiful Rose energies into the home raising the chi and really adds to that feeling for the client of coming home to a nourishing high vibe clear Sanctuary for the Soul bursting with new potential for life.

Ultimately the inner path is to come home to ourselves in our journey of life… and our homes can be mirrors and co creators with us for that pathway to optimum health, joy, abundance and LOVE. What message might your home have for you?

My work has been featured in Surrey Life Magazine, Natural Awakenings USA, Conscious Design Magazine USA.

With my work I have appeared on Million Pound Movers (Chanel 4 – Uk) and been part of a pilot production for a House Whisperer tv series for Love Love films.

For more information and fascinating consultation stories please visit my website

Making an appointment and learning more

If you are interested in a consultation for your home please contact me to arrange a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation to ascertain how I might help you create a beautiful, high frequency, nourishing sanctuary for your Soul… an optimised environment to support your wellbeing, your Soul evolution and a beautiful place to just BE.

Costs vary depending on the size of the property and distance to travel or it we can work remotely… so do contact me for a quotation.



If you would like to learn more about Space Alchemy and your relationship with your home, the educational and inspirational videos below are now available to purchase on the Rose Portal… click on the images to find out more

For more information and to book a consultation please contact Sandy

Hi Sandy – thanks SOOOO much for doing such intense work here yesterday. I’m feeling absolutely zapped today – but very happy with what we did!
D.W, Devon
The house is feeling much better – even S has noticed the difference in the bedroom. We are going away today till Tuesday and so I think I will notice the change more when we get back. I am so grateful for everything you both did – I felt it was also a very valuable for my own spiritual growth.
F.C, Suffolk
Absolutely THE most powerful day of Space Clearing with House Whisperer Christian Kyriacou and Rose Alchemy Sandra Marie Humby at my Bakewell home today… Very evident how I have been attracting ‘dark energy’ into my home of late – thankfully all exorcised by early afternoon! The whole house has been retuned & the energy has completely ‘lifted’. Plus we found a Venusian Galactic Portal in my bedroom – which would explain the super-vivid dreams and nocturnal incidents I have been having since I moved in there before Christmas. Fascinating and powerful work… Big thanks to Christian and Sandy – an awesome Team!!!
Rachel Elnaugh, Derbyshire
We are a busy Orthodontic practice here in Vienna, Austria and we have had the pleasure of engaging Sandy Humby and her Interior Alchemy service for the past 5 years as part of our ongoing programme of maintaining a good and positive approach to managing wellbeing for both our staff and visiting clients in our office and clinic in the centre of the city.

Sandy has visited us regularly during this time as part of our protocol for ‘good energy’ support… with so many people coming in and out of our premises her dowsing work and clearing and rebalancing the energies here have been very beneficial in helping to create a calm, supportive oasis when our clients arrive… and a positive energy for us to work in to best serve them.

We have also engaged Sandy to help keep our personal apartments good and supportive places with bright and positive chi which has also helped us on a day to day basis. Her knowledge, clarity and integrity with her work has been very much appreciated.

Susanne and Dr Erwin Jonke, Vienna, Austria
We were absolutely thrilled with the results of the energy alignment that Sandy carried out when we bought our building and established the Zen Zone (in Parkstone, Poole).

The building had previously been used as serviced offices and the headquarters of a local Property Development Company, all of which created a stressful environment for the people working there.

Indeed one of the business that used the service space had failed and had to close down with all of the personal trauma that such things entail. Sandy came and identified the problem areas and cleared all the negative energy resting in the building. With this gone the whole character and personality of the building changed into a calm, tranquil and welcoming space. The recurring comment we hear as people enter the Zen Zone is, “how calm and welcoming it is in here – so peaceful”.Now with its new personality the building has become home to the successful and busy business that is the Zen Zone.

Rex and Arlette Pengilly, The Zen Zone, Holistic Centre and Yoga Studio, Dorset
‘I could feel it when you did the Rose Bagua – same as last time: very intense: raises energy level! wow! today we both woke up in balanced flat, which was wonderful. Again, thank you so much for your help!
D.B, London