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We are in such great times of change here on our Earthly journey! 2023 has offered an seemingly ongoing shift in consciousness with wave after wave of frequency upshifts to integrate as we walk this ancient pathway of the Divine Feminine Christed Heart… ‘The Way of the Rose’ together.

I have felt big changes internally and externally in nearly every aspect of my life. I am sure you have too… we are all being encouraged to recalibrate and ensure we are totally Heart and Soul aligned though these momentous times. That is not to say it is an easy process and I know many who are just feeling exhausted and challenged to navigate a steady pathway through. 

There was a clear message for me this year to shift from holding Temple space to creating a nurturing Rose Heart Sanctuary. I followed the persistent nudge and activated a Rose Sanctuary group on facebook and also felt the need to mirror that in my physical space here on the edge of Avalon in Somerset UK. The requirement for a Sanctuary for the Soul has never been greater. 

So the new Rose Sanctuary here is and now actively holding the template in readiness for these times to come and is calling to now gather groups in person… but also as an online community.

From the first Monday in October 2023 I shall be offering a monthly online meditation and Rose healing gathering currently. It will be just as a fb live to start with but I may consider other platforms. I do hope you will feel drawn to join me 

Your invitation to join The Rose Sanctuary Online….

From early in 2014 a Rose Circle gathered monthly in the Rose Temple Space in The New Forest in Hampshire, UK. The Circle had a core group of beautiful Rose Sisters who have held the flame of the Rose alight in their hearts, and the flame has been fanned as we have continued to gather and share our stories, bringing comfort and support for one another and being a compassionate presence to the sorrows and the joys we each experience in our journey.

The Rose Circle is such a wonderful nurturing and caring gathering and we go around the group with a beautiful talking stick adorned with a Rose, taking time to fully listen to each Sisters’ sharing. Holding centre space for us is always a Mandala of Roses, candle light and Sacred Sound with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls… sometimes with added crystals in the mandala if they call to come forward. From time to time we have opened the meditation out to provide a healing wave of Rose Heart energies to our community of Rose Sisters and their loved ones and globally to events and places that call for a healing balm.

Since my move to Somerset there has been a calling to offer this sense of community as an easy, accessible to all, online offering and at last there is an opportunity through the Rose Sanctuary facebook page. The online Meditation gatherings will offer a sense of community and connection within the Sisterhood of the Rose…. and maybe some Brothers of the Rose will feel to join too. Many of our Brothers who walked within the ancient Mystery Schools and Templar path are feeling the calling of the Rose too.

Are you drawn to join us to experience this connection with others within the Rose Sanctuary online?…Visit the link below to discover more.

The fb group is where the live meditation will be and the recording

This is all offered free but any donation should you feel able to contribute to support the Sanctuary space here would be welcomed.

Top picture credit… The beautiful Roses here in the late evening Somerset sunshine June 2023

Lower picture credit… Mary Magdalene Retreat Day in the New Forest 2021

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