Mandalas of Love

Vibrational Healing with Roses for Hearts, Homes and the Earth

2024 has brought with it an evolution in the way that the Rose Alchemy Roses and the more recent addition of the Rose Dragon energies, have come together to share their Divine Feminine wisdom, beauty and healing love… and support and inspire our journey at this incredible time of shifting consciousness and vision.

As the 18 Rose Dragons started to complete their journey to publishing, I was shown clearly how the 2 sets of the Rose energies were here to weave their transformational magic together as ‘Mandalas of Love’. In that moment with pen and paper the 9 Mandalas of Love revealed themselves and their pathway into manifestation was set! The 9 Mandalas hold all of the 70 Roses and their messages of Love and when woven with You and God/Source consciousness become 72… such an important number for this time.

I have been creating Mandalas with the Rose Oracle Roses from the emergence of very first The Way of The Rose roses in 2010, crafting unique Mandalas for each of the initiatory levels of the Rose Path and the monthly Rose Circle gatherings. Many others working with the Rose Oracle around the world have done this too… creating beautiful Mandalas with the Roses to hold space for their circles and groups. I have always been drawn to Sacred Geometry and perhaps like me, you will remember a Spirograph as a favoured ‘toy’ in childhood. Many hours were spent immersed in creative joy

A Mandala is a circular form that represents the universe in the Art of Hinduism and Buddhism. In Jungian dream work it represents completeness or self-unity. Creating a Mandala can bring a sense of focus, peace and healing within. It is created with harmony from a seed point in the centre of the circle. We can this in nature in the organic form of flowers. We can see this in Rose Windows in our Churches and Cathedrals, in some of the crop circles and in the dance of Venus in the Heavens creating a Rosabella.

We can also see ourselves at the seed point of a unique Mandala of Love within our birth families and our ‘families of frequency’. Each holding different gifts we bring to the whole picture. From that point of conscious inner awareness we can create Mandalas of Love wherever we go.

The Mandalas of Love process with the Rose Alchemy Roses and The Rose Dragons weaves Rose reading, intuitive guidance, healing and heart activation to bring you into clearer alignment with your Heart and Souls calling in this evolutionary shift of consciousness. It is both a path of Sacred Homecoming and activation of an inner technology of Light.

This work is currently offered as a one to one personal consultation to support your own path of healing and heart activation. There is also a NEW certificated Mandalas of Love study programme with the Roses and the Rose Dragons from Summer Solstice 2024. Perfect for those wishing to dive deeper and be able to create and work with the Mandalas for their own healing and offer this beautiful process to others.

I also offer Home Healing consultations with the Mandalas of Love and for the past 18 months I have been adding to this with the opportunity to extend this healing into your local area by creating and activating powerful Mandalas of Love on the Land. This can bring deep transformational healing for the historical localised trauma field and the release of any earthbound spirits held in that story within the mantle of Mother Earth.

Come join me and experience the Roses and their Loving Wisdom for these times within the Mandalas of Love ™… Vibrational Healing with Roses for Hearts, Homes and the Earth

Mandalas of Love Testimonials

Sandy Humby is exceptionally gifted in terms of reading energy, her work is very fine and inspired. More recently she has developed a completely unique healing modality called ‘Mandalas of Love’, using her Rose cards that she has photographed and designed herself, each one carrying a different meaning. It is fascinating watching Sandy work through the emotional layers with her own fast, skilful dowsing, the Rose cards and her new Mandalas of Love. It is astounding how accurate these energy readings are, and then she is able to clear whatever your issue is.

I had been struggling with a health issue for a couple of years, trying many different remedies. Sandy’s reading and clearing of these energy blocks was remarkable. I cannot recommend this process highly enough, whatever ‘ails’ you.

Pam Gregory, Astrologer

Sandy Humby is an incredibly gifted healer and teacher. As a healer, she is highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic and able to get to the root or heart of an issue rapidly. She has helped me enormously both with personal issues as well as with energy clearing and the healing of my land and home. In a few sessions, she resolved issues with the energies here that had been intractable for years despite multiple efforts with different modalities to clear the space. Sandy used a sophisticated, multi-layered healing approach that was immediately and powerfully effective. I am deeply grateful to her for her work. I am also incredibly moved by her collaboration with the energies and Spirit of the Roses and how this loving, healing energy of the Roses is both powerful and transformational in how it works with her and through her.  I highly recommend Sandy and her work. She is truly an exceptionally gifted healer as well as teacher.

Heather Ensworth, Ph.D. Astrologer & Clinical Psychologist,

I really encourage everyone to have a one-to-one session with Sandy. All I can tell you is that I have a visibly benign tumor (long story but over a decade ago only part of it could be removed due to its location and my allergy to general anesthesia). Anyway, the tumor has been growing. Within less than 24 hours after my session with Sandy, this tumor not only decreased in size but it was soften to the touch. Previously it was like a hardball. This healing will continue – no doubt – as it was part of my intention. Additionally, I slept like a baby for the first time in weeks. I received some very interesting downloads about this particular eclipse.

Suffice it to say that we humans posses the true technology of love within us. Love is our cosmic contribution and we simply must live up to this purpose we all agreed to commit ourselves to when we incarnated this time around as humans – with this human body.

Sandy, this truly was remarkable and pretty much nothing short of a miraculous opening for me. THANK YOU!

Ingrid Aybar, NY USA

Words can not express the difference Sandy has made in my life. When I had my first session with Sandy I didn’t know what to expect. Her attunement and insights were incredibly accurate and I literally experienced healing energies move through me as my crown chakra opened to more divine energy. I still remain in awe of the work she was able to do to help me. And to make it even more miraculous it was all done by distance! Sandy has a very gentle presence, but her work and inner wisdom is powerful.

Kristina Lea, USA,

I’ve been working with the Mandalas of Love daily and amazed at the profound ways in which they are unfolding in my life, in my field and for those around me and in the wider web. I feel deeply supported by them. So many thanks.


Thank you! I did my first MoL on myself – I created a prayer to begin and it all landed nicely. I really feel this modality is not wanting “mental analysis“ but more present awareness with the roses as they emerge through the mandalas. I am leaving them on the grid for several days allowing them to radiate in my space. The shifts I’ve notice are subtle and lasting. I’m really enjoying playing with the extra layer of self-discovery that’s unravelling and connecting with my ancestral lines. The process feels dimensional to me. Extra dimensions revealed and cleared. Thank you again for this amazing work Sandy. Much love to you!

Sul, USA

Thank you so much Sandy for this this wonderful work we did and for sharing the Rose mandala process with us! I feel so grateful and connected to the Roses so much more now that we can work with them in this way. I love it so much! xo

Cynthia Ayton, USA

I had a client come yesterday who is used to weird stuff happening with Bowen or Reiki and she was amazed at the power of combining the Mandala with Bowen moves. She kept using the word EXTRAORDINARY and described it as a Wonderful experience. She could not believe how strong the light was as I placed the cards on her body.

I can’t thank you enough for the joy that working with the Mandalas is bringing to me.

In love and gratitude.

Julie F, UK

Many thanks for an amazing process you have created and delivered. Pure genius 😊

Julie C, AUS

I am truly grateful to have taken this inspiring foundational three week course. It has allowed me to learn a way of creating ‘mandalas’ of love through the guidance of Sandy, the roses and the course materials, to enable a deep clearing and healing to take place within. I can use this to help myself in my own healing and others close to me. This work is beautiful. It is deceptively powerful, full of love and I feel privileged to have access to it. I am so looking forward to learning more.

Thankyou Sandy, for all that you are bringing through. It is a joy to be learning with you.

Marion R, UK

Dear Sandy,

I Absolutely love the Rose Oracle. I’m grateful for the journeys so far with the Elemental and Celestial Rose Dragons and welcome the full set of roses to join in the Mandalas of Love work. Truly, these roses are supporting my understanding of the hurts in my heart and how to heal them through their potent wisdom and pure love. The gentle and steady power of the roses are blossoming throughout my life and inviting myself to do the same. Working with the pendulum and Mandalas of Love is opening the way for me grow greater love in my world. I am ever so grateful for their beauty, love, and truth flowering in my life, and for the grace I experience through their energies. They’ve brought me so many healing tears and revelations and I were just getting started!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful work, this love, with me and our world. May the pure love of the roses continue flowing evermore into being.

Morgan, USA

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