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What is your Soul calling forward as your focus for 2021?

So much in our world has changed in 2020 in a way that we would never have anticipated and we are still in the process of the breaking down of the old to rebirth the new. This pause point in our lives can bring with it the opportunity to get super clear about who we are and what we are here to hold now and going forward as qualities of being-ness.

So what is inspiring you to embrace and activate at this time? The Rose codes of light offer insightful messages to help you refine and align your attention and help you hold a steady point of grounded presence in these turbulent times.

As you start making your journey into the unfolding energies of 2021 this is the perfect time to review and reset your focus with your 4 Inner Temple muses

The Creatrix

The Visionary

The Lover

The Manifestor

Through the lens of the whispered messages of the Roses and your Rose Heart we will create templates of light to anchor your heartfelt sense of your Souls calling into 2021.

This class is ideally suited to those who have some experience of working with the Rose Oracle.

You will need your Rose Oracle

A Ba Gua grid ( this will be sent on booking and will need printing)

Crystals ( optional )

A glass or bottle of water

A notebook and time set aside for the process.

The class is run through zoom and will be recorded. The nature of the class means that if you book it is encouraged that you attend the live class time rather than receive the recording.

To book and purchase this class please visit the shop.

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