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I am a self taught Dowser and I have been working with pendulums and L Rods since a rather Mystical experience in 1996. I love using with them and they are part of my daily work now.

Initially I was dowsing for the crystals that were in highest alignment for my client, to be then sewn onto their Wedding Dresses!!… after I transitioned my design work to homes and workspaces of course the use of dowsing became second nature in my consultation work and for my own health and wellbeing. I have to say there is barely a day when I do not pick up my treasured tools to explore some aspect of the energy world through their sensitivity and insight.

This is the first time I will have offered a specific Dowsing Day… Although I have previously held workshops at the British Society of Dowsers convention in Leicester (in 2016) and The American Society of Dowsers Convention in Saratoga Springs (in 2017)… so I am really looking forward to it

We will be exploring working with both L Rods and Pendulums, their different characteristics and uses. I will be sharing my alignment protocols and ways to work with these amazing tools for guidance and insight. We will also look at ways to use dowsing for health and energy optimisation.

If you have your own pendulum and/or rods do bring them with you and I am hoping the weather will be kind and we can go outside to explore the energies of the trees and the Forest.

I will offer a simple vegetarian lunch with gluten free options and all refreshments.

This day is limited to a circle of 12.

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