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If you are interested in your health, happiness and wellbeing this is a perfect class to explore the effect of your home on your life. Do you actually feel at home where you live?

Your home should wrap its arms around you as you enter the door… you should feel safe, nourished, inspired and energised to go back out in the world to share your gifts…if not… why not?

We will look what makes a happy and healthy place to live and during this experiential day I will take you through a process to really feel and understand the messages your home has for you and the quality of the energy you have around you that will either support or diminish your energy for life.

Your home and space is actually a mirror of your inner landscape and so it is so important that you take time to really look at what is going on around you… but most of us have busy lives and until things start to ‘go wrong’ we don’t tend to stop and take stock of whats happening.

space healing tools

We will explore what makes up the ‘note’ of a house, the different elements which contribute to how a house feels and its attractor factor! and what attracted you?… then with the tools and techniques that I have used and refined over the past 20 years (and hundreds of consultations) we will work through a process of reading the energies present and how to clear any unhelpful energies and fill you space with positive chi for life.

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