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‘I build a lighted house therein I dwell’  Master Dk through Alice Bailey

This quote has been with me as a guiding light for the past 25 years… I see it refers to both an Inner Temple ( your physical, mental and emotional body) and your Outer Temple (your home) both are related… All of my journey with healing and conscious awakening has woven these two aspects to see how our story is revealed through our bodies and our homes. The Inner reflects the Outer. The Outer reflects the Inner.

In the complexity of the energies of this time it is essential that we can create and maintain healthy and light filled, vibrant spaces for ourselves and our loved ones.

In this 2 hour class I will share her experience and understanding of the energies which make up the space we call home. I will share the essential tools and techniques I work with to help create nourishing and supportive spaces for myself and my clients.

I have over 20 years experience of working with clients and their homes and workspaces, with over 450 clients consultations completed in Europe, Scandinavia, USA and UK helping them resolve and release stories from the past and vision and anchor a new future path for their lives.

Some of my fascinating client consultation stories can be seen at www.SandyHumby.com

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