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NEW for 2023

Join me on a magical adventure… A deeper dive into a 5 month journey exploring the Elemental Rose Dragons and their gifts for humanity at this time.

The Elements… Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether are the fundamental building blocks of Gaia and our experience of life here on the Earth. Her body is our body. We are directly connected and this course will enable you to have a different relationship with Gaia, the elements and your self. Ultimately this supports our vibration, alignment and overall sense of connection and wellbeing.

The Elemental Rose Dragons are evolved, loving heart based Beings who have come forward from the 5D heart of Gaia to help us connect, refine and align to our Inner Power and Sovereignty

To see the invitation for the 5 month adventure and full details and more feedback from previous course

“This was one of those courses that from start to finish, I felt heart connected to a group. And the topic of ‘Elemental Rose Dragons’ also made for very unique subject matter!  It took no time at all for me to adore my class mates who willingly shared their experience thereby helping me to witness my own experience better. I also really liked the idea of 1-2 hr class time spread over a number of weeks as it gave us plenty of time to integrate and manage ‘living’ with our new found elemental friends. I definitely have begun to understand things on a whole other level!!!
Laura, Canada
‘Thank you for facilitating a new adventure…I’ve started integrating some of what we experienced and shared within the healing I offer, invoking for the loving energies of the ERDs when something is difficult to move. The group work, while valuing each individual, has helped me resolve a widening chasm between group think/ validation and individuation, which was been so refreshing. Experienced immense love, peace and gentleness working with the group…thanks’

‘I’ve been fascinated with the energy of roses for a couple of years and the energy of dragons keeps coming up too, so I knew I needed to be part of the Elemental Rose Dragon course with Sandy Humby.  I was not disappointed! Each week we were introduced to a different elemental rose dragon, with specific energies and message. I really connected to the elemental rose dragons. One sat on my shoulder, one swirled around my body and one was so huge. So enjoyed immersing myself in the energies of these Elemental Rose Dragons.

 The space held by Sandy to introduce and hold the energies of the dragons was perfect. Can’t wait to immerse myself into their energies again in the next ERD container’

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