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Your house should wraps its arms around you as you come through the door. You should feel SAFE, NOURISHED, INSPIRED and ENERGISED to go back out in the world and share your gifts.

If your home does not do this for you… why not?

Why do you live where you do?

This is a fabulous day exploring the psychology of your space. What is your connection to your home and what messages does it carry for you and your Souls journey? Who chose it? and how is your health, wealth and your relationships… do you feel prosperous? Do you LOVE your home? Do you feel AT HOME?

We will look at the different spaces in your home and how each room reveals more of your conscious and unconscious inner template and all of the elements that make up home

You will get a different understanding of the Matrix of energy that you are connected with wherever you go in the world and what makes up the vibrational note of your home.

Deepen your trust in your intuition and ability to tune into the feeling of your space. We will use a remote viewing exercise to explore the energy

Bring a floor plan of your home… (this does not have to be architects plans!… hand drawn and not to scale is fine) and we will work with the Roses and the Rose Ba Gua to bring inspiration and insight to the process

A content rich day… bring your notepad and pen!

There is also a Space Clearing Masterclass 5th November and 10th December to add to your skills

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