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The Way of The Rose is a well worn path of Ancient Wisdom illuminating the steps on the journey from head to Heart based presence and Inner Alignment. It is a pathway of Beauty, Truth and Love offering guidance and support on the journey to safely come Home to Self beyond the illusion of duality.

It is a pathway known to The Brothers and Sisters of the Rose whose presence has woven through lifetimes and timelines in many forms to bring and share Light and Love to the Hearts of the seekers of Truth.

The 45 Roses in the Rose Alchemy Oracle are from that stream of consciousness and are a high vibrational technology that has come forward to help bring to awareness the stories and memories that can hinder or create resistance to that Sacred homecoming. They offer insight, comfort and healing as you navigate the external and internal disturbances that hold the keys and codes to your own Inner Gold. The Roses are a path of Love to experience Inner Peace, Wellbeing and Abundance in life.

In this one hour free webinar I will be sharing the story of the Rose, her Sacred Geometry and connection to the Ancient Mysteries and how she can directly inspire you wherever you are on your journey. I will also be sharing the details of the upcoming classes and new programmes launching from end November where you can join with others to explore and deepen your connection to the Rose path.

Registration is by e mail please or use the contact form on the website.

You will receive a link to the Zoom technology for the webinar on registration

Timing is 7.30 -8.30pm Uk time