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‘The Women came… they gathered around the Sacred Well.
They had responded to a call, each one following a knowing deep within.
They had made their way to the mystical land of ancient Avalon.
She had called them in dreamtime, inviting them to awaken,
to partake in a blessing that they knew would only reveal itself in the fullness of time…
when they would once again be called to remember Her and the message of the Rose’.

Coming together in Community… time to nourish, inspire and
empower your Inner Wise Woman and bloom your Inner Rose

In any moment the question is… What would LOVE have me do, be, say now?….

Can you hear the voice of the Divine Feminine calling you?

Join us for a magical day of immersion into this Sacred pathway of the Heart. The pathway home to Self. We will be weaving the Mystical and Alchemical traditions and language of the White Rose, the Red Rose and the path of the Mary’s with the honouring of ourselves, The Divine Feminine and the Sacred Mother/Lover within. Deepening your communication with the Inner Beloved.


The Solar zenith of the Summer Solstice brings us to this place of maximum out breath… to the most yang expression in our year, before once again drawing us back within. Fire is the element associated with Alchemy and inner transformation in all traditions, the burning away all that needs releasing to reveal further expansion into the light of consciousness and our Inner Gold.

We will gather in circle to share our journey, attuning to the path of the Divine Feminine within and her rising voice now… a deep connection that must be fully awakened and embodied within each and every one of us, both men and women, to bring Inner Peace, LOVE and Soul alignment as a first resource into every waking action.


The Way of The Rose is a Golden pathway home to your true Self, to LOVE, through a deepening connection

and alignment to your own inner Divine Feminine wisdom.

The Invitation….

Come join us and have time to connect with the whispered Wisdom deep within. Rest and recharge in beautiful surroundings with a nourishing circle of beautiful strong women who like you have faced challenge and suffering as they have travelled this journey to find transformation and Truth.

Our day together…

Circle time and sharing and journalling and private reflection time in the garden (weather permitting)

Morning alignment, breath work and gentle movement plus meditation and visualisation exercises

Sharing the power of ritual and Sacred Space

Work directly with the energies and the energetic guardians of the Rose and White springs and the messages carried in the water. Visiting the Red Spring and the White Spring.

Connection and alignment with the wisdom teachers of the Ancient Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Rose and their messages for now.

Transformational processes and personal grid work with the Rose codes and frequencies

Processes to harness the jewels of the Universal, Cosmic and Sacred Heart Roses frequencies

Optional early morning group walk up to Tor on Saturday morning

Exploring why coming ‘home’ to Self is essential for these times and ways to do that as a daily practice.


Whats included…

1 day at the Chalice Well Meeting Room 10am – 4.30pm with Sandy with entry into the gardens.

Refreshments – tea, coffee, water and snacks both days

The opportunity to gather for a shared supper in Glastonbury Friday evening



Whats possible…

Laughter, tears, letting go, tissues, belonging, ah-ha’s, feeling nourished, new friends, connection and re connection, chocolate 🙂 new insights and inner transmutations and a deeper sense of Self Love and Self Appreciation.



the Red Spring and The White Spring

The Tor images

Pictures from the Chalice Well Retreat 2016


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