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Rose Classes 1 to 5 – Online Archive Recordings from 2017


SUPER SALE till end October 2020… Recordings of all 5 Online Rose Classes from 2017… We have put together this special option for the person who wants to really connect with the beautiful pure love healing energies of the 45 Roses in the original edition of the Rose Oracle.

The work online is shared as 5 downloadable PDF’s…1 per online class in total 24 videos and a bonus Rose meditation.  This includes links to all 2017 video sessions and related PDFs from the live online classes.

You will have access to a pdf for each class session to help you get the most from the video recording.

Please scroll down to see full information for each Rose class content


Rose Class 1


  • Balancing the physical, mental and emotional energies with the Rose Healing GridRose 1 works with the first 11 of the Rose frequencies in the Rose Alchemy Set. Theses Roses energies work directly on the chakras of the body and together form a healing and balancing grid.
  • Session 1:
    • The overall context for this work with the Rose frequencies.
    • The development of the Oracle from my visit to The Alhambra, Granada, Spain at Rose time in 2010.
    • The Sacred Geometry of The Rose, her connection to Venus, the Feminine and LOVE.
    • The history of the Rose work, her weave through Atlantis, Egypt, The Essenes, Sufi’s, Cathars and the Mystery School teachings.
    • The weave of The Magdalene energy, Mother Mary and polarities within the Archetypes of the Feminine.
    • The power of the Rose and her value in these current times.
    • Working directly with Roses 1 – 4 in the Rose Alchemy oracle set.
    • Base, 3rd eye, spleen and liver – We will look at the qualities and strengths of each of the Chakras for these 4 Roses. The emotions and stories likely to be embedded or connect to the health and vitality of each Chakra in turn and then spend time individually tuning into each of the Roses in turn to see if they have a message or insight for you.
    • We will close the session with a balancing meditation.
  • Session 2:
    • Review of the Roses 1 – 4 and how they set the frame for the next phase of the journey.
    • We will take a deeper look at the energetic anatomy of the Chakras connected with these Rose frequencies.
    • We then move on to Roses 5, 6 and 7. Throat, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.
  • Session 3:
    • Review of the Roses so far and deepening 5, 6 and 7.
    • Adding in Roses 8, 9 and 10. Heart, Solar Plexus (2) and Navel Chakras.
  • Session 4:
    • Review of the Roses so far deepening 8, 9 and 10.
    • Adding in beautiful Rose 11 that connects with both Heart and Crown Chakras.
    • We will look at the whole healing grid and do a whole body healing and balancing process with the energies.

Rose Class 2


  • The 3 Master RosesRose 2 class works with the 3 Master Roses. MR1 The Divine Masculine, MR2 The Divine Feminine and MR3 The Golden Flame.These 3 Roses came forward as I completed my initial 12 month journey with the original Roses that form Rose 1 and the Chakra healing grid. I was then guided to visit Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and tune in to the weave of the energy streams in the Chapel to deepen my understanding and experience of the nature of these two forces of life, Masculine and Feminine, Yin and Yang and what is birthed within as they dance together.
  • It is recommended that you commence your Rose journey with the Rose 1 class Online.
  • Session 1:
    • A refresher of the overall context for the Rose Alchemy Oracle
    • The journey to Rosslyn Chapel and its significance and connection to the Roseline and the ancient Mystery School teachings
    • The symbolism in the Chapel and the Sacred weave of Masculine and Feminine within the landscape and its relationship to our inner experience
    • The symbol of The Caduceus and other images used in Alchemy and the Mystery Schools
    • The qualities of the Inner Masculine and Feminine expressed in the positive and the negative
    • How the power of the balanced relationship of these 2 energies within brings illumination and inner peace.
    • We will focus on MR1 the Divine Masculine and MR2 The Divine Feminine in this session and there will be the opportunity to be reflective in your own time. The pdf will offer journaling and self enquiry before the next session.
  • Session 2:
    • A review of the content of session 1, MR1 and MR2
    • There will be an opportunity to share any insights and ah-ha’s you feel to from your enquiry and journaling and ask questions.
    • We will dive deeper into possible teachings contained in the Mysterious ‘Book of Love’ and what that might open up for us in our life today.
    • What is this third force that opens when the energies of Masculine and Feminine come into balance?
    • How we work with this within ourselves and in our relationships with others
    • We will connect with and explore the energy of MR3 and her message.
    • We will finish with a beautiful Rosy Heart and Crown activating meditation.

Rose Class 3


    • The Rose Angels are the central group of Roses in the Rose Alchemy vibrational healing Set that are transformers for the 5 wounds to the Heart. Sometimes called The Magdalene Wounds these sore places are at the core of your path of healing and full alignment with your Souls calling to Mastery… they are purposeful to your story… they are
    • Abandonment
    • Betrayal
    • Denial
    • Judgement
    • Separation

The Rose Angels are here to assist in the illumination and release of these places where you can withhold your Love and help you to fully activate the Jewels in your Heart of…

  • Self Love
  • Trust
  • Truth
  • Forgiveness
  • Surrender
  • When those loving Jewels are activated the Golden Heart opens!… I invite you to join us on the journey.
  • Session 1:
    • Rose Angels 7 and 8 – The wound of BETRAYAL and the transformer and jewel is TRUST
    • Rose Angels – RA 7 and 8 Final clearing meditation
  • Session 2:
    • Rose Angels 9 and 10 – The wound of ABANDONMENT and the transformer and Jewel is SELF LOVE
    • BONUS Video: Meditation and review of previous session 1 Rose Angels
  • Session 3:
    • Rose Angels 5 and 6 – The Heart Wound of DENIAL and the transformer and Jewel is TRUTH
  • Session 4:
    • Rose Angels 3 and 4- The Heart Wound of JUDGEMENT and the transformer and Jewel is FORGIVENESS
  • Session 5:
    • Rose Angels 1 and 2 – The Heart Wound of SEPARATION and the transformer and Jewel is SURRENDER
  • Session 6:
    • Rose Angel 11 – The Golden Heart – she says I AM the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end of your search… … and I hand you the Golden Key

Rose Class 4


  • Rose Class 4 – The Rose Ba GuaBa Gua is a Feng Shui term describing a box of 9 squares each of which contain an aspect of life. Traditionally this square box template is laid over the footprint of your house or room to ascertain optimum placement for objects and colour to enhance life relating to that area. The Rose Ba Gua is about your inner Feng Shui how you relate from the heart field to those aspects of yourself.
  • Session 1: Rose BaGua 1 – Career – Journey – Courage
    • Rose BaGua 1 speaks ‘I AM powerful… I AM pure intent’
  • Session 2: Rose BaGua 2 and Rose BaGua 3
    This session we are exploring the aspects of the Ba Gua that are about
    Relationships and our connection to the Wisdom teachers and guides in
    our lives.

    • Rose BaGua 2 – Relationship – Self Esteem
    • Rose BaGua 3 – Ancestors – Family
  • Session 3: Rose BaGua 4 and Rose BaGua 5
    This session we are exploring the aspects of the Ba Gua that are about our sense of Wealth, blessings and abundance and relationship to health wellbeing and coming to centre.

    • Rose BaGua 4 – Abundance, wealth and blessings
    • Rose BaGua 5 – Health/Tai Chi centre
  • Session 4: Rose BaGua 6 and Rose BaGua 7
    This session we are exploring the aspects of the Ba Gua that are about our connection to the friends and helpful companions upon our journey and our creative expression in all its forms.

    • Rose BaGua 6 – Helpful friends
    • Rose BaGua 7 – Creativity – Children
  • Session 5: Rose BaGua 8 and Rose BaGua 9
    This session we are exploring the aspects of the Ba Gua that are about our connection to Self and our ultimate expression in the world.

    • Rose BaGua 8 – Wisdom, knowledge and contemplation.
    • Rose BaGua 9 – Fame, that which is how we share our gifts with the world

Rose Class 5


  • Rose 5 is a journey with the 11 gorgeous RoseMa Roses…These were the last set to come together to complete the Rose Oracle in spring 2014.
  • RoseMa means The Mother of The Rose and these beautiful energies are the qualities of the Awakened and Empowered Feminine Heart in both men and women.
  • Session 1: An introduction to the 11 Rose Ma Roses and the qualities of the Awakened and Empowered Feminine.
    • Rose Ma 1 – I AM Magnetic. I attract to me all that is in resonance with the deepest calling of my Heart. For in that is my truth and my power.
  • Session 2: Rose Ma 2 and Rose Ma 3
    • Rose Ma 2 speaks
      I AM Abundant
    • Rose Ma 3 speaks
      I AM Inner Strength
  • Session 3: Rose Ma 4 and Rose Ma 5
    • Rose Ma 4 speaks
      I AM Nurturing
    • Rose Ma 5 speaks
      I AM Wisdom
  • Session 4: Rose Ma 6 and Rose Ma 7
    • Rose Ma 6 speaks
      I AM Transformation
    • Rose Ma 7 speaks
      I AM Receptive
  • Session 5: Rose Ma 8 and Rose Ma 9
    • Rose Ma 8 speaks
      I AM Creative
    • Rose Ma 9 speaks
      I AM Unconditional LOVE
  • Session 6: Rose Ma 10 and Rose Ma 11
    • Rose Ma 10 speaks
      I AM Compassion
    • Rose Ma speaks
      I AM Protector

Live Webinar

  • not available with the recording


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