Rose Essence Trinity 9 – GRACE

Rose Essence Trinity 9 – GRACE


GRACE… bringing comfort and support for turbulent times




This beautiful New Essence is the first to include White Rose tincture and was created over the Venus Star point and New Moon Eclipse 22nd-26th October 2022

Her Keynote is GRACE

She comes forward to offer comfort and stabilisation for the heart and emotional fields through these intense times of turbulence and chaos on the Earth. She is like a warm hug 🌹

The Essence was created in 2 stages…

With the Venus grid and Rose Angel 5, Rose 3, Rose Ma 9 and 10 and Heart Star 2 during the Venus Star point Superior Conjunction…

then with the Heartstar Rose codes on the Trinity/Pyramid Grid for the eclipse window.

Also included in the grids were Rose Quartz, Charoite, Amethyst and Selenite plus fresh Rose petals from The Mary Rose in the Rose Temple garden.

The White Rose Desdemona Tincture created during the summer here in the Rosy Temple was also part of the creation and signature of this Essence 9 making it a super powerful essence to work with.

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