Rose Heart Inner Mastery

NEXT RHIM… Launching 21st March 2022 Spring Equinox… completing Winter Solstice 21st December 2022

‘I build a lighted house, therein I dwell’

Master Djwhal Kuhl through Alice Bailey 

Rose Heart is a nine month initiatory pathway of Inner Mastery.  A rich experiential journey with a small group of fellow travellers, to explore and dive deep into the Rose Heart pathway. Working from the foundation up, each month we bring focus to and transmute with love anything that dims our ability to live fully from our I AM Presence… The illumined aspect of ourselves that is embodied when the Soul voice can be seen and fully heard.

The words above by the Ascended Master Djwhal Kuhl have been with me for over 25 years. The inner calling to be a lighthouse. To stand tall and strong, on a firm foundation in self and from that rise in truth and be illumined from within. To shine a light on each next step we need to take and to be able to shine a light for others on their journey.

Sometimes referred to as The Beauty Way… The Way of The Rose Heart is a Feminine path of LOVE. This is not a passive path, but rich with qualities of strength, resourcefulness, intuition, sensitivity, creativity and compassion

Known within the Ancient Mystical and Alchemical teachings and embraced and walked by those known as the Brothers and Sisters of the Rose, this is a deep journey home to Self and to self Love, self value and self esteem as the building blocks upon which life experience rests.

This powerful awakened Divine Feminine force of Love, when viewed in Sacred dance with the Divine Masculine principles of life, forms the very foundation of our journey. The dynamic balance of BE ing and DO ing in our lives. Receptivity and Action. Both are needed to create and sustain life, be that a physical child, a creative project or a business.

To reawaken and honour the authentic Divine Feminine/Goddess energy within both men and women is the first place in which this movement to return the honouring of the Feminine principle is needed to be experienced.

When the energies refine and align within, the I AM, the True Christed Self is birthed. The only question asked is… what would LOVE have me be, do, say now?… Does the Rose Heart Inner Mastery programme call you?


Serena’s feedback on RHIM 2020

Lesley’s feedback on RHIM 2020

I had been working with the Roses for about five years when the opportunity to become part of the inaugural Rose Heart Inner Mastery Programme arose. I had enjoyed all the Rose classes with Sandy – both online and face to face over the years – and welcomed the chance to have a sustained and deepening connection with the Roses over a nine month period. As we set out on that journey, none of us could ever have imagined how the year would unfold. 

The workbooks we received each month enabled us to prepare for the focus of the month ahead. The corresponding Rose grid reinforced the virtual link with the RHIM community in a physical way in our homes. The grid was refreshed after each webinar as each of us chose a Rose card which was then added to the original grid. I found this extremely supportive as it enabled me to have an ongoing, changing personal focus as we went through the course, providing a different focus for reflection and interpretation each time.

The webinars were amazing. Sandy created a culture of open sharing, allowing everyone to contribute as little or as much as they felt comfortable with. Sandy’s insights, and those of the group, were welcomed and very much part of my unfolding process. The integrity and authenticity was evident in abundance in all these sessions and for that I am extremely grateful. 

Sandy is an intuitive leader and her knowledge and deep, deep wisdom created an ambience in which I felt safe and secure. In the alchemical pot that is each and everyone of us – uniquely and Soul-fully – Sandy led us along the path to hone our skills and abilities, letting go of all that no longer serves our highest good, and through the process of Inner Mastery, using the Roses as our Guides, to come ‘home’ to Love. – CS 202o RHIM Participant


An amazing opportunity to journey inwards with guidance and group reflection. Listening to and learning from others and how they were navigating their path was inspiring and helped me make connections that I would have missed without the reflection of the group. -MK 2020 RHIM Participant


I was quite new to working with the Roses, and this 9 month exploration was a revelation of their gentle, direct and trustworthy guidance!  Not always comfortable, but always supported – by Sandy, the Roses, and by my fellow ‘Alchemists’ on our journey.  The more I ‘showed up’, the more was revealed. I am on new ground now. I know the Roses better now, and I know my Self better now.  

I’ve come to a feeling of ‘being at home’ in myself, of having more trust in my ‘voice’, and a greater sense of comfort and self acceptance.  Truly Empowered.

I am so grateful for having been on this journey with you, Sandy – it was transformative – but defies being putting into words!  And it isn’t over yet – as I feel the subtle differences in myself let me operate in a different way now – so it is ongoing!

I drew 3 Roses to help me sum up: RA6, RM4, ES Wow! Finding my Voice, Self Love & Acceptance, and a new Home on this Earth!

Thank you Sandy. – SW 2020 RHIM Participant


Thank you Sandy for holding such a beautiful space for me and my Rosy sisters during the  9 month Rose Inner Mastery. I so appreciated us gathering in a safe, welcoming and accepting space to share concerns, insights and general reflections of whatever was present in our lives.

It felt particularly nourishing and supportive to be in such a programme during what turned out to be an inevitably intense period as a result of being in lockdown. Being energetically ‘held’ by you, the other women and the Roses helped me navigate my intense roller coaster of emotions. I always left our zoom time feeling calmer and more connectedI loved the different monthly rose layouts you presented in the accompanying handouts; their themes gave me such a beautiful focus to contemplate as well as looking stunning on my altar. The beauty and loving presence of the rose always opens my heart and soothes my soul.

I feel very blessed to have found you and them and am happy that I decided to take a deeper dive by going on the inner mastery journey.

Thank you again xxx. – CR 2020 RHIM participant


I was drawn to the Rose Heart Inner Mastery journey having no idea of the incredible learning and experience that unfolded 🌹 It was indeed a deep dive to an “inner” place I had never explored before. The sharing on our journey was so special, supportive and touching. Our perspectives weaved a rich thread of heart opening, for which I will be forever thankful 👌

I filled a whole journal with my discoveries!

Thank you 🙏 – DB 2020 RHIM participant


I would like to share the gratitude I have for the powerful, healing, and transformational journey of the Rose Heart Inner Mastery program.   I have been aligned with the Way of the Rose and Rose Alchemy process from it’s seed point.  I have witnessed the courage and tenacity of the Rose’s Sacred Keeper in Sandy Humby.  The Roses can enter our lives at any time,  timing is always divine. 

The process of the Rose Mastery program is both apparent and subtle.  Changes and healing occur, layer by layer, petal by petal.  There is only love and acceptance in this embracing energy.   The lovely support of the group, as well as their transparency and trust is healing unto itself.  Sandy guides and gathers the group and step by step.   Meditations, insights, practical rose applications, ceremony, and mandalas build the Rosy bridge to our inner healing and self-love. 

I am grateful for the Roses, and highly recommend the Rose Heart Inner Mastery program

Thank you, and Rosey Blessings, Renae Jensen 2020 RHIM participant
Founder Conscious Design Institute – Rose Alchemy Therapist

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