‘I build a lighted house therein I dwell’ Alice Bailey



You have an intimate connection to the place you call home. It is your Sanctuary, where you can rest and re charge, feel nourished and inspired… be it a small room, a flat or a mansion, whether your space is rented or owned, it is still ‘home’.

Home is a place which holds your past, in both physical items and your memories. It also supports your present experience and ideally is somewhere where you can just be… where you can laugh and cry, have time alone and yet share your life with others. Your feeling of ‘home’ is a key to your future and optimum wellbeing.

Alongside being a container for your life, your home holds a matrix of memory information which stretches back to the time of its creation. This encapsulates the stories of all those who have ever lived or worked there, what happened on the land before the house was built and of course the energy of the land itself.

All of these aspects add to the feel of your house and are part of the reason you were attracted and ‘felt at home’ (or not!) when you first viewed and considered moving in.

If you are experiencing unresolved chronic health issues, difficulties in your relationships, work, financial abundance or just feeling stuck in your life… unlocking the story of your home could be the key.


He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home‘ Johann von Goethe


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