By way of introduction

I AM a multi faceted Energy Alchemist and Visionary Creative for the Divine Feminine Rose codes of light and the Rose Alchemy; Rose Oracle for the Heart which was channelled through me from 2010.

I have a rich and varied background of over 35 years immersed in the world of Wellbeing, Design and Metaphysics and am a Pranic Healer, Pranic Psychotherapist and House Whisperer. At heart I am a natural sensitive and empath with an enduring passion for the Sacred, Alchemical and Mystical in life.

2024 brings the addition of the NEW Rose Dragon energies to the Rose Alchemy Oracle. This offers a completion in my development of a new and exciting inner alchemy modality called Mandalas of Love. 9 pure high frequency Rose mandalas bringing healing for Hearts, Homes and the Land. My vision is that the Mandalas of Love and the creation of the Mandalas of Love Foundation becomes a global movement, helping to ease suffering and trauma in our rapidly changing world.

I currently live within the beautiful energy of Avalon, Somerset, weaving with the song lines of this Sacred land and yet so drawn to dancing in the stars. I see my life adventure as an ongoing colourful inner Pilgrimage to fully embody and walk a path of Beauty, Truth and Love… 

The Story

My work and curiosity even from my early days as a couture Wedding Dress Designer was focussed around relationships and energy. As I listened and interpreted the dreams and vision of the bride who found her way to my shop door I heard her story, how she had met her beloved and other aspects of her life were revealed as we created the dress. I often saw the dynamic between bride and mother and her family and saw how they had influenced her life and choices…

A flavour of the beautiful wedding dresses from my design studio and shops in Romsey and Winchester, Hampshire Uk

I also worked with colour and form and how they affected her radiance. So alongside my design business (82 – 99) I was drawn to study practical Philosophy, Meditation, Colour Healing and various energy therapy modalities including Reiki and Sekhem.

As my own journey developed I found Pranic Healing and went to Vancouver Island to meet Master Choa Kok Sui in 2000 and I sought out teachers to develop my skills and understanding. This also led on to studying several Counselling modalities, Food Energetics and Holistic Health Coaching and an exploration of Vedic and 9* ki Astrology and the more esoteric aspects of the Alchemical path.  

I began to notice that the spaces we live and work in have a profound effect on our well-being and by the late 1990’s my design work had orientated itself towards Interior Design and Decoration and I headed off to KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour, London. I was interested from an energetic point of view, how the effect of layout, colour and content in our rooms and how our homes also tell a story and reflect just where we are in our lives, illuminating our blocks and patterns of reaction or response to life and where we are stuck.

My journey then took me deep on an exploration of self, of revealing patterns and how we attract by resonance people, experiences, opportunities and even our homes, really seeing and experiencing the magnetics of the heart and the effect of our belief systems on what we manifest in life. It was during this time (2005) I met and partnered with Christian Kyriacou for 10 years to co-create House Whispering. Together we created a unique language and approach to ‘space clearing’ and ‘Feng Shui’  from a soul evolution and healing perspective. Ultimately our work was in guiding clients home to themselves at an ever deeper level. I was fortunate through the hundreds of consultations in the UK, Europe and USA, to work with some wonderful clients and their amazing spaces, revealing and releasing old stories and patterns, optimising good health, joy, abundance and a sense of at last coming home to themselves.  

Early in 2010 I followed a strong calling to visit The Alhambra in Granada, Spain. This reconnected me back to an ancient lineage of light which I knew deep in every fibre of my being. It was in the exquisite gardens of The Alhambra that the Roses called me back to the path of LOVE  and the Alchemical and heart healing properties of the geometry and frequency of the Rose.

The Way of The Rose is the path of Love and weaves together my personal story and journey for this and many other lifetimes. In 2014 I published Rose Alchemy: Rose Oracle for the heart. The sum total of 4 years of my developmental work with the Rose frequencies that brought together all of my learnings and study through my life. That led of course to the natural connection with silk and the printing of the Rose energies onto scarves and Rose Power Mats to bring beauty and healing into our daily lives.

2020 brought yet another turn of the wheel of my life and the second edition of the Rose Oracle was published. There are now 52 Roses to include a new level of activation and alignment that is called for as we enter the new decade. For 2023 the Rose journey enters a new phase and a relocation brought me into contact with a completely new aspect of my work. Through the Sacred site of Burrow Mump here in Somerset I have communed with Rose Hearted ‘Dragons’… Elemental and Celestial Rose Dragons or ‘powers’ that invite a deep and rich presence with Gaia/Mother Earth and our connection to the Divine and Source of all.

A true Sacred Homecoming on this Pilgrimage to Love.

These are truly powerful times indeed!