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Rose Class 1 – The Rose Healing Grid

Balancing the physical, mental and emotional energies with the Rose Healing Grid

rose-1-mandala-picThis workshop is an attunement to the original 11 Rose energies which work on the physical body to heal and re-balance. You will experience the power of the Rose Chakra grid for yourself and have a personal healing set for your use.

I will share my understanding of the rich mystery and story held within the geometry, the lineage of the Rose, The Magdalene and the Book of Love and why it’s so significant for the feminine and these times.


  • Deepen your heart centred awareness and trust in your Intuitive guidance

  • Empower your authentic feminine voice

  • Bring balance to inner Masculine and Feminine

  • Understand and improve your relationships

  • See and release residual old patterns and programmes

  • Create space and fertile soil for new potentials

  • Learn new ways to Master your energy

  • Attune your energy to the high frequency energy of the Roses

Time: 10am – 4.30pm
Cost: £85.00
You will need also to purchase the Rose Oracle set £36.00 to complete this class

“Sandra Marie Humby’s Rose Oracle is one of my most powerful tools that I use with groups. Her accuracy in downloading the frequency and essence of each rose is incredible. Sandra’s wisdom of the Rose is a voice you will recognise as an essential guide of these times.”
“What a gift you have brought fourth! thank you so much. I have also experimented in some distance healing work with them with others. I really feel like these roses have lifted me to another level of personal healing as well as my work with others.”
“The Roses had a profound effect! It feels like the subtle frequencies of the roses allow us to open to them like they open to the sun, eagerly and without resistance. So we can absorb instantly.”
“I’ve participated in a number of Rose Alchemy workshops and find them inspiring, informative and more importantly, a powerfully practical system for accessing higher consciousness. Using the Roses has cleared the way for me. It’s a real adventure to enter the Rosegates!”
Rosemary Innes, UK
“Working with the Roses has helped realign my inner world. They work with the deep feminine and translate their message at a cellular level. Sandy guides you to experience the Roses intimately, clearing and releasing old wounds and memories, bringing a new found sense of peace. The workshops not only help you to experience the Roses but to work with them practically day-to-day, empowering projects, managing energy, accessing divine guidance and healing. Sandy is a true ambassador of the Roses, bringing her own unique wisdom and magic, creating an alchemical fragrance of Love.”
Melanie Oborn, UK
“I have attended two of Sandy’s Rose Alchemy workshops. The first, was a thorough introduction to working with the roses, through personal practical experience with each rose card, in meditation, and a demonstration of the layout of the rose cards. The second, was a deeper exploration of each rose and an introduction of 3 Master Roses. The depth of experience in this workshop was noticeably more intense and felt wonderful.”
Jane Orr, UK
“I so enjoyed the Rose 1 session on Saturday. Thank you so much for the way it was delivered. You are a great facilitator – gentle and compassionate, yet with so much knowledge and wisdom. I certainly feel much more in touch with myself since meeting the first eleven roses and look forward to working with them. Even just waking in the night I imagined one of the roses and was soon back off to sleep – for which I was very grateful as I have not been sleeping all that well lately!”
Clare Stretch, UK

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