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Rose Class 3 – The Rose Angels

Activating the 5 Jewels of the Golden Heart

rose-mandala-3-picThe Rose Angels are the central group of Roses in the Rose Alchemy vibrational healing set that are transformers for the 5 wounds to the Heart.

Sometimes called The Magdalene Wounds these sore places are at the core of your path of healing and full alignment with your Souls calling to Mastery… they are purposeful to your story… they are

Abandonment – Betrayal – Denial – Judgement – Separation
The Rose Angels are here to assist in the illumination and release of these places where you can withhold your Love and help you to fully activate the Jewels in your Heart of…

Self Love – Trust – Truth – Forgiveness – Surrender
When those loving Jewels are activated the Golden Heart opens!… I invite you to join us on the journey

This is a powerful day of exploring your story through the lens of the Roses and is at the heart of the Rose Alchemy work, illuminating the nugget of Gold which is the gift in any experience of suffering.

The class is open to those who have completed Rose 1 and 2 either in person or online.

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