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Rose Class 5 – Rose Ma

Embodying the qualities of the Awakened and Empowered Feminine

This is the final part of the Rose Alchemy work and is only open to those who have completed the 4 previous classes… It is a certificated class and incorporates a review of the whole programme and advanced use of the Rose energies and is a real celebration of the journey!

The Rose Ma set of 11 Rose energies bring focus and expansion to the Heart… they are the 11 qualities of BEINGNESS that we can joyfully take out into the world. These are the Heartfelt presence which take us to the place of inner Queen/King of our lives.

They are qualities of I AM

Magnetic, Abundant, Inner Strength, Nurturing, Wisdom, Transformation, Receptive, Creative, Unconditional Love, Compassion and Protector 

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