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This 13 week journey with the CRD’s is currently only open to those who have already completed either the 5 week or 5 month adventure with the ERD’s. Alternatively if you have been part of a RHIM journey with me and feel called to this path please do email me.

In my exploration of The Rose Crone/The Crowned One journey I have been fascinated by the radiant Crown on the head of the Great Mother often observed as both a Crown and a Halo of 12 stars. I listened with amazement as the Celestial Rose Dragons shared that they had indeed come with treasures to share to illuminate each of those stars.

And a great sign appeared in the Heavens. A woman clothed with the Sun. With the moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars upon on her head‘ Rev 12:1

The CRD’s reveal themselves as Celestial ‘Powers’ each one a star on the Crown of the Great Mother and a facet of the diamond of all that is and ever shall be. As we journey with these 12 stars each one becomes illuminated within ourselves… and so much more.

This is a pathway of full embodiment of the Divine Feminine/Feminine aspect of God. For the 12 qualities are activating us at a cellular level in preparation for the part we came to play in the New Earth vision… and the Golden Age to come when Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities can rise once more as one.

We start the journey within the Equinox energy with our first gathering on Thursday 28th September and complete at Solstice on Thursday 21st December.

The webinars will start at 7pm – till approx 8.30. Each week the day before the webinar you will received the pdf of the next weeks focus. All webinars will be recorded should you not be able to make each webinar live, and sent out to the group within 24 hrs of the live event.

The 13 week journey is £255.00 with an additional £20.00 for the handprinted cards and shipping. So total £275.00.

Please do book in good time if you feel to be on this course so I can get the hard copied handmade cards to you.

So looking forward to sharing this final piece of the Rose journey with you. This is a crowning, a culmination of the inner path of sovereignty. The energy on these Rose cards is amazing… as will the experience of working with them.

Again I remind you that at this time is course is only open to those who have completed the Elemental Rose Dragon adventure with me. You can see from the image above that they set an anchor for the work ahead.


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