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Join me on an hour long webinar to explore the (re-calibrated for the incoming energies of 2018) Rose Alchemy personal and spiritual development programme that can, through the wisdom offered through the Rose Codes, support, mentor and guide you in your own journey home to Self. Home to LOVE.

The Rose is the voice of Pure Love and the Rose Codes in the Rose Alchemy Oracle illuminate and facilitate the graceful release of old patterns and wounded places, bringing greater clarity, communication and alignment with your higher Soul Self and purpose for incarnation.

This truly is The Way of The Rose, the Way of Beauty, Power and LOVE known to the Ancients and Wise ones and the Bothers and Sisters of The Rose…. The path of Inner Mastery.

Rose Alchemy is offered through online classes, as easily downloadable packages or by participating in the Live Online programme… or perhaps you would choose the Rose Alchemy programme that I offer in person just twice a year here in Hampshire,UK at The Rosy Temple.

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