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This is a NEW Online Class over 3 weeks exploring who is the Rose Crone and how she is wanting to connect and activate at this powerful and potent time on the Earth. We each have a part to play in the coming months and years as the new template is set. Your Inner Wise woman knows what you came to bring.

My own journey of recent months with my Rose Crone has brought to clear focus the Soul path of Beauty and Sovereign empowerment that She calls for. She who is the Crowned Rose Of the New Earth. This is a path of embodiment, to be able to feel her within fanning the Sacred fire and stirring the inner waters. This is invitation is to come with me on the journey.

The class is live and interactive on zoom and each week we will explore the personal messages She has for you through 3 different ‘Stars’

Week 1… Thursday 6th January – Epiphany!

Earth Star and Gaia Gateway… your connection to Gaia your Sacred Feminine and the wisdom matrix of the Earth. When you connect your roots to her what is gifted back to you in support of your Essence. We will explore the different aspects of this connection and what is being called forth.

Week 2… Thursday 13th January

Soul Star and Stellar Gateway… your connection to the Divine Feminine and the Essence of your Soul connection to your Crone Wisdom. What keys and codes can be returned to you as you fully activate with your gifts at this time.

Week 3… Thursday 20th January

Heart Star and the threefold flame… The Sacred dance and weave of your inner flames of Love, Wisdom and Power. This is the magic of the Crone in her Mastery… to be present and active as a Loving, compassionate and empowered voice in the world.

The classes include meditation/visualisation and Sound bath with the Alchemy Crystal bowls and activation and grids with the Rose Alchemy codes of light and messages from Lady Mary who is Wisdom carrier and guide for this aspect of the Rose path.

All classes will be recorded and sent to those registered

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