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As Venus the planet of Beauty, Truth and Love and of course intimately connect to the Rose, starts to arise as the morning star after her weeks of retrograde I feel to offer another opportunity to gather in person here in the Rosy Temple to tune in, elevate and activate your vision for 2022 from your embodied I AM presence!

2022 feels to only just be beginning and for us to have a flavour of her true signature for us. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather together and vision forward.

Join me in the Rose Temple in the New Forest Visioning 2022 through the lens of the Roses and the inner paths of The Visionary, The Creatrix, The Lover and The Manifestor…. 4 Sacred pathways of the Heart

What are you calling forward to presence in 2022? We are meeting in the waxing phase of the Moon as we move towards the Full Moon and the Winter Solstice.

What NEW beginning is calling calling you and in which aspect of your life?
Connect and hear the whispered words of Love and Wisdom through the Divine Feminine Rose consciousness to guide your path.

We will we working with a new grid to anchor your pure heart light and your Vision.

This is a limited small group gathering. Maximum 6
To include your copy of the gorgeous New Rose Manifestation Grid, refreshments and vegetarian lunch in the high frequency vibe of the Rose Temple.

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