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The Rose Healing Grid and Attuning to the Rose codes.

rose-1-mandala-picThis workshop is a foundational Activation and Attunement to the original 11 Rose frequencies in the Rose Alchemy Oracle set. These 11 Roses form a Chakra Healing Grid and work on the physical, mental and emotional bodies to heal, align and re-balance. In this workshop you will experience the power of the Rose Chakra grid for yourself by both setting and receiving a healing grid should you choose to. The class content is designed to be both practical and inspirational.

As context to this beautiful work I will share my understanding of the ancient knowledge held within The Way of The Rose. The Divine Feminine path or Wisdom Way, the Mysteries (Rosa Mystica). We will also explore the story held within the powerful Sacred Geometry of the Rose, The Brothers and Sisters of the Rose and Lady Nada, the lineage of the Mary’s, The Magdalene and the Book of Love and why it’s so significant for the rising of Feminine voice and the rebalancing of the qualities of the Feminine and Masculine in these potent and intense times in our world.

In the Rose 1 class you will also have the opportunity to….


  • Deepen your heart centred awareness and trust in your Intuitive guidance, your Inner Wise Woman, as you connect and tune into the messages from the Roses for yourself.

  • Empower your authentic Feminine voice. There is a deep calling held within the Golden Heart of the Rose that strengthens and empowers Inner Trust in Self.

  • Bring awareness and balance to your Inner Masculine and Feminine qualities. The Roses illuminate a path of presence, healing and forgiveness which allows for a path of Grace  to reveal itself within.

  • Understand and improve your relationships as you start to see the deeper Soul story hidden in all relationships.

  • See and release residual old patterns and programmes with ever greater ease. See the gift, see the Gold.

  • Create space and fertile soil for new potentials. As healing occurs through insight and forgiveness energy is available for focus and empowerment to your visions. ( ps You can also work with the Rose energies with this too )

Time: 10am – 5.00pm
Cost: £85.00
You will need a Rose Oracle set (currently £39.00) to complete this class

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