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Rose 2 – The Master Roses

Bringing Harmony to Masculine and Feminine and lighting the Golden Flame of the Heart

rose-2-mandala-picExplore Sacred relationship with Self and Beloved.
The dance of masculine and feminine.
Duality and the Unified field and the magnetic and creative power of the heart

This class introduces the 3 Master Roses which expand the energies of the original set. The Chakras and the their physical/emotional stories are explored in depth, We will also look at the balance of yin/yang, fem/masculine, lunar/solar energies within us and the effect they have on our health, relationships and abundance!

I will share how I work these energies in my healing practice and how they can work for you. There will be practical work in the workshop of using the energies on the body and for distant healing work. Some of the topics covered in the day include…

  • Deeper teachings of the ancient Feminine Mystery Schools
  • A refresher of the overall context for the Rose Alchemy Oracle, deepening your connection to the Roses 
  • How the Master Roses called themselves forth… The journey to Rosslyn Chapel and its significance and connection to the Roseline and the ancient Mystery School teachings
  • The symbolism in the Chapel and the Sacred weave of Masculine and Feminine within the landscape and its relationship to our inner experience
  • The symbol of The Caduceus and other images used in Alchemy and the Mystery Schools
  • The qualities of the Inner Masculine and Feminine expressed in the positive and the negative
  • How the power of the balanced relationship of these 2 energies within brings illumination and inner peace.
  • We will tune in and explore the messages of MR1 and MR2
  •  We will dive deeper into possible teachings contained in the Mysterious ‘Book of Love’ and what that might open up for us in our life today.
  • What is this third force that opens when the energies of Masculine and Feminine come into balance? exploring our connection with the message of MR3
  • How we work with this within ourselves and in our relationships with others
  • We will finish with a beautiful Rosy Heart and Crown activating meditation.

Cost: 85.00 including refreshments and a yummy vegetarian lunch

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