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As we head towards the end of the year there is calling to release and clear that which is no longer aligned to our pathway forward. To create a new energy Template for the coming year.

Our homes are a mirror of consciousness and therefore a great place to start when reviewing where we are. This class offers the opportunity to take the blinkers off your connection with your home. To tune and and really get a sense of whats needing to shift to support your pathway forward.

I will be sharing my approach to this work and guiding you to tune in and view your house through your lens. What is there that you have not seen in your day to day life… you may be surprised!. I will then share with you the tools and techniques I have found that work best through hundreds of consultations in Uk, Europe and USA. to create high frequency Soul aligned space.

Bring a plan of the ground floor of your home ( it can be just hand drawn) to work with.

We will be working with meditation, visualisation, dowsing, various incenses and Sound

You may also like to combine this with the Sunday class The Inner Feng Shui of Love.

The House Whisperess - Space Clearing Masterclass

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