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A gorgeous day exploring the archetypes and aspects of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and what they reveal of our own story and passage through the lens of Maiden, Mother and Crone. We will look at the roles they played in the historical stories… but bring that to a place of relevance for our lives now. How can we harness the messages that these two powerful women came to offer us?

We will dive deep into the weave of the 2 streams of Feminine Consciousness within us and what brings wholeness and how that is connected to our internal and external relationship with the Sacred Masculine energy… and how the healing path is one of bringing these energies together… healing the wounds of the feminine and the masculine to activate the Gold within.

The day will include meditation, breath work, movement and Sacred sound in a beautiful setting right in the New Forest. There will be an opportunity to walk and connect with the land and Mother Earth (weather permitting) for this day of self nurture.

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