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The beautiful Rose Oracle for the Heart was guided into being by Lady Nada and The Sisterhood of the Rose. From time to time Mother Mary would be the clear voice coming through my channelled writings, or it would be the voice of Mary Magdalene, other times different Sisters of the Rose such as Annami. Each one had a signature and a wisdom teaching to share.

In this NEW offering with the Roses and Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Rosa Mystica we will be exploring our inner connection to these frequencies and receive guidance and insights. What were the gifts that these women brought to share to inspire our journey ?

Over the three weeks of this course we will explore the different aspects of their messages of Love for us and their relevance in particular for this time.

Week 1 – Mary Magdalene and the Red Rose

Week 2 – Mother Mary and the White Rose

Week 3 – The Rosa Mystica and the Pink Rose

We will come together on zoom at 7.00pm -8.30pm UK each week and the gatherings will be recorded and sent out. I really recommend that you join live. A beautiful workbook to accompany the series will be sent out in the week prior.

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