Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the Rose path. So much is changing in your world and we tell you that these changes will continue at quite a pace. For many of you have come with an awareness of this potent time for the Earth and humanity and the part that you came to play in the unfolding.

2022 in your calendar years is a time of visioning, renewal and activation Beloved Ones. You have prepared well… so much work was accomplished since the turning of the cycle in 2012. Many of you have taken the road less travelled and turned within to clear and align yourself with the deepest calling of your Heart. You have also called forth your gifts and many returning to the tools and pathways of Mastery that were familiar from past times on the Earth.

You have perhaps recognised this yes? when a teacher or modality has ‘resonated’ and you have felt called or drawn. Indeed there has to have been a frequency match for that point of attraction to be present. Nurture and nourish those points of attraction for they indeed will be part of your gift as the Awakening on the Earthplane continues apace.

We remind you that it is essential that you take time to nurture and nourish yourselves. For you are like tender buds waiting for the time to fully bloom in service to this time of wonderous awakening. You need both the correct substances and strengthening for your physical body but also the time in receptivity and integration of the higher keys and codes of light that are now more available to you than ever before.

Your Earth Star and Soul Star are creating a stretching in your verticality yes? a calling forth of the greatness that you hold, both rooted and grounded and yet dancing with the stars! allowing an increasing radiance in your HeartStar to be a light for all…

Till next x Nada x 19th January 2022

Lady Nada