I have been nominated as one of the UK’s top 144 Evolutionaries by Source.tv for my work with Rose Alchemy and as a thought leader in 21st century vibrational healing.

UK Evolutionary

When the Roses ‘spoke’ to me in 2010 I had no idea where this was leading… if anywhere!.. other than there was a deep resonance with the Rose which had been with me all my life. A connection to her beauty and essence and the unspoken voice she carried for the power of the feminine principle on the planet.

The Rose as a Powerful Symbol

In my 18 years of making wedding dresses in the 80’s and 90’s I knew that so many women related to the Rose and wanted her to grace their gowns, bouquets and head dresses. That the Rose as a powerful symbol was an intrinsic aspect of the marriage ceremony.

From the spring of 2010 and the visit to the Rose Gardens of The Alhambra, Granada, Spain which was to change the course of my life, till the full 45 Roses came together in 2014, I found myself on a fast track of diving deep into the Rosa Mystica, the Mystery hidden within the Golden Heart of the Rose. Travels took me on to Rosslyn Chapel, into the Languedoc, France and to Sedona, AZ exploring the language of Sacred landscape, Venus Temples and the story of the Magdalene and the relevant message for now.

The Healing Light of the Rose

During those years of my journey deep into the heart of the Rose she has helped me illuminate and heal some of the deepest aspects of my Souls contract and calling in this life. To open myself to explore Love in all its facets, to allow Love and the Golden Heart of the Rose to be the catalyst and transformer of the pain of abandonment, betrayal, denial, judgement and separation, the 5 key wounds to the Heart. These are the wounds that can keep us small and in in a loop of trauma memories and negative patterns and have to come to the light of consciousness to be transformed into the healing light of Self Love, Trust, Truth, Forgiveness and Surrender.

From that place of my own healing the Rose Alchemy energies have blossomed, to enable me to stand forward as a emissary of the Rose with the Rose Alchemy Oracle to help others heal, blossom and thrive. To fully activate their Heart flames with LOVE and passion to go out into the world.

Celebrating with other top UK Evolutionaries

So I am touched and grateful to have been nominated for this award and I look forward to meeting with the other nominees at a celebration event at beautiful Tyringham Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK… curiously close by to my birthplace which I have not returned to since I left age 2!

An update to follow.