There is something special about the Rose, she holds a favoured place in many people’s hearts and memories. Most people I have met on my journey with the Rose have a story that somehow links with a powerful heart opening experience. Perhaps they were gifted Roses by a loved one or were transfixed by the sheer beauty and aroma of a Rose which touched them deeply.

The Rose and the Healing power of Love

As we come round to Valentines Day this month the traditional gift is a red Rose, she is the Rose that whispers ‘I Love you’ the red colour being connected to the base chakra and passion.

But what is it about the Rose? Why is the archetypal country cottage vision one with Roses around the door? Or the magnetic calling to walk through an arbour or archway of Roses if you spot one in a garden.

The Rose truly holds magic within her petals…

5 is the key to understanding the power of the Rose

There are Rose fossils that have been found that date back over 30 million years. The Rose then would have looked as we would see a wild or dog Rose today, very simple and with 5 petals, and it is the 5 here that is the key to understanding the power of the Rose.

The bud of the Rose has 5 sepals that she opens to release the flower. These sepals don’t open consecutively as you would imagine but in the same way as you would draw a five pointed star, a pentagram. Once the sepals have opened the rose explodes from her casing in all her beauty.

Why the Rose is a gift of Love

The pentagram contains a ratio within her points called the Golden Mean. It is a ratio of 1: 1.61803. This is a very special geometry, it is a geometry that when you view it in spiral form as a Nautilus shell or Golden Mean Spiral you can see that it can expand exponentially and contract exponentially just like our hearts! When we see a sunset or a baby or a loved one our hearts expand with love and joy. When we have been hurt or experience loss the opposite takes place.

This connection between the Rose and the Heart when feeling the vibration of LOVE has now been proven scientifically, the heart experiencing Love resonates at 1:1.61803! So the Rose is a gift of Love indeed!

rose the vibration of love

The Healing Benefits of the Rose

That Golden Mean ratio is also the growth proportion of our bodies and therefore when we are living our lives from a place of Love then our immune system functions at its best and our energy stays strong and vibrant.

The Rose is so powerful that even a single Rose on your desk will shift the energy of your day. Do you take time to stop and smell the Roses in your life?