Does your house wrap its arms around you as you walk through the door?

Do you feel safe, nourished, inspired and energised to go back out in the world and share your gifts?

If the answer is no, why might that be? And what can you do about it?

Creating Sanctuary for your Soul, Space Clearing and aligning your home

My interest in creating a sanctuary in your home

I moved about a lot as a child. My parents liked to buy a house, do it up and then sell. I remember a lot of ‘drive by’ viewings of prospective houses! And my parents discussing the pro’s and con’s of windows, colours, driveways and gardens. No surprise then that I have always been interested in interiors and colours and beautiful spaces all my life.

Late in the 1990’s alongside my wedding dress design business I had started doing energy healing sessions for clients, weaving my Reiki, Sekhem and other esoteric training, but I was curious… why did one person seem to hold the power of the healing session and make progress and another not? I started to consider whether the home environment was a causal factor.

Understanding your homes energy

Our homes hold a matrix of energy that is the sum total of the geology of the land the house is built on and the history of the area, what happened on the land prior to the building of the property. The substance the house is constructed of, i.e. wood, brick, metal, and the geometry of the individual spaces… plus the memory of whatever has happened in the house.

All of these aspects make up what I would call the ‘note’ of a house and it is that vibration that our hearts connect with when we go to view a prospective house. We may visit a lot of houses before we find one that feels comfortable or ‘familiar’… and there is a knowing ‘I could live here’ or ‘this is the ONE’… but what aspect of us has made the connection? And interestingly which one in a couple were magnetically drawn to the house? There is always a story!

creating your sanctuary

Clearing the space and aligning your home to create the sanctuary

When we make a house our home we choose our colours, furniture, artwork as a reflection of who we are… an out picturing of our inner world. When I go to work with clients and their spaces, usually to help them illuminate and resolve health, relationship or financial struggles, what I see and feel as I walk through the door is a snapshot of who the owners are in the moment. From that insight I can work to unpick the story line, release and clear the old memories and address any imbalances in the energy matrix of the house that are impacting on the house being a true Sanctuary for my clients.

I use tools, techniques and processes to achieve that which I have developed over the past 15 years and hundreds of consultations in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and the USA. Some of the ‘tools’ are in the picture above, which was taken at a talk on Space Clearing I did in the UK last year… but much of the ‘work’ is in listening to the whispered story of the house and how it resonates with threads in the clients own past. This offers such powerful healing for both.

space healing tools

The importance of healing and space clearing negative energies

We are all in a time now where healing and space clearing our past is essential for us to move into the highest expression of who we are. Negative energies in our house or ourselves cost energy and hold us back from the fullness of our lives and totally embracing a way of being in the new paradigm of more conscious living.

Beyond the Space Clearing, my process then invites the clients to embed their Heartfelt desire for the future into their home at a molecular level, carried through sound, so that they indeed have a living breathing Sanctuary, totally aligned for their Soul.


This article was first published in Conscious Design Magazine March 2016.