Is your office space set up for prosperity?

Your energy for life is greatly affected by your thoughts, feelings, what you read, what you eat, the quality of the air you breathe, the dynamic of your relationships and the good health and positivity of the spaces you live and work in.

You may be conscious or unconscious of these things but never the less at some level you are affected. Creating positive healthy supportive space helps and empowers your pathway forward and helps in making clear and considered choices.

Office Feng Shui


Here are 6 top tips for creating your positive energy and supportive space for your business in 2015 and onwards…

1. Getting your desk position right to attract Prosperity and opportunity

Your desk position in your office is the key consideration when looking at ways to optimise your energy and success in business. In Feng Shui terms you are seeking the command position, which is sitting with your back to a solid wall (known as the mountain support) with your desk in front of you so that you have a good view of the doorway and maybe face on or sideways to a window.

This desk position and your openness to the energy coming through the door enables you to welcome opportunity because the doorway is the mouth of the chi (energy) flowing into your office and business.

Desk position office feng shui

When you sit with your back to the door and facing a wall you can quite literally find yourself ‘up against it’ and at a subtle level your body will respond by contracting your energy fields in awareness that you can’t see who is coming up behind you… this may be unconscious but it is a primal reaction to that sense of vulnerability!

If you are currently working from this position and can just turn your chair and desk round… you should notice and immediate shift in your energy… do you feel more empowered and energised?

If you absolutely cannot change the position of your desk or you work from limited space there are Feng Shui ‘cures’ that can be utilised to help. You can put a mirror on your computer frame or wall so that you can see who is behind you and also put something inspirational on the wall so there is a feeling of expansion in your vision and also ensure that you have a good solid high backed chair.

2. Clearing your desk

Regularly clear your desk off and wash the surfaces down with salt water (just a small handful of salt in a small bowl of warm water). This process removes any negative energy and gives a fresh start. Perfect for a New Year ritual but also great at the end of a project or even when you feel something is stuck and you need a fresh approach.

You could make it a weekly or first of the month process to welcome in new opportunities!

3. De clutter, De clutter, De clutter!

Clutter creates stagnant chi (energy) in your business but also in you. Stuff stored on the floor in particular is a block from your past that is not sorted and available as an easily accessible resource (at eye level this is present time and stored high this is your future) so observe where you blocks are.

It is fine to store things if they are sorted but unsorted clutter will inhibit your pathway forward. Clutter also creates a block to clear thinking, focus, solutions and decision making.

4. Inspirational Artwork

Take a look at the walls in your office. Is it an inspirational place to be? Find some images for the walls especially opposite your desk that are really evocative of the vision you hold of prosperity and abundance for your business.

When you have that visual reminder even unconsciously the energy and the form of the artwork is imprinted within and reminds you of the reason you are doing what you do. That vision supports you staying in an expansive and positive place even on the toughest of days.

office feng shui

The Nautilus a good dynamic image

5. Plants for purifying the air and increasing chi

So many people find themselves working in spaces that have no access to natural life giving energy. They are in air conditioned space surrounded by technology and EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)… so in a soup of vibrations that the human body is drained by not charged by! Even if you work from a home office often being your own boss gives little time for other activities.

Plants can be a great support in either of these situations. The growth proportion in plants naturally resonates with the growth proportion in your physical body and therefore you feel better when around plants.

Good plants to consider in office environments because they can tolerate lower levels of light and are good a purifying the air from some of the toxic chemicals on your furniture, carpets and office equipment are:- Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Dracena, Rubber Plant.

Or for an instant lift buy some Roses! Just a single Rose in a vase on your desk will change the energy of the day… do try it and see!

‘I spent a year working with an Architects practice in Manhattan, New York offering Feng Shui and Energy guidance for his projects and personal development work. Before every meeting they bought Roses to put on the boardroom table before the clients arrived. This led to successful and smooth meetings and substantial projects landing with ease’ SH

6. Tic Tacks

An unlikely title I know but Tic Tacks make the ideal Shamanic Rattle… just pick the pack up and shake with gusto around the desk or all around the room. This is the perfect solution to that heavy sticky feeling after a difficult conversation of meeting and effectively breaks up the energy pattern.

So shake the Tic Tacks and go and make a cuppa!

As Einstein says ‘You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.

So solutions and the light bulb moment come from creating space for that shift.