How much of you is fully present, and in the moment, to your life? I mean consciously present in your physical body… feeling connected to the earth and in full awareness?

This is something that takes practice but the benefits are great… and I am offering here a little exercise that I often use myself… This is called a stilling exercise and I have added a little Rosy healing part at the end so that you can really benefit from the process…

So just gift yourself a few minutes, and put everything down…

Being Here Now Rosy Healing Meditation

So to start just take a few nice easy breaths in and out… and remember to take relaxing breaths between the focusing words as you take time to savor the senses in the stilling meditation

Take a moment and bring your attention to your body, your beautiful physical vehicle for life

Be aware of the earth beneath your feet

Feel the pressure of the clothes against your skin

Be aware of the texture and the colour of the clothes you are wearing

Become aware of your sense of smell and of taste

Expand your awareness to take in all of the sounds in the room

Take you attention to the tip of your nose and the air as it passes in and out of your lungs

Become aware of the beat of your Heart

Keep you attention on your heart and the centre of your chest

With every breath in and out feel that heart centre becoming more and more relaxed. More and more at ease… let any tension go on the out breath

On the in breath breathe in luminous golden white light so that with every breath in and out your heart centre becomes brighter and brighter… more golden and luminous

Then visualise a beautiful Rose nestling within the light…

On the next outbreath gently expand that luminous rosy golden Heart light right through your body… and if you have any places in your body where you are experiencing pain or tension you can send a beam of that Heart light to the place and feel it soften the area..

Then… when you are ready come back to present time recharged and energised with a big, big smile.