‘A lighthouse stands tall and strong, is illuminated from within and shines a light over troubled waters to guide others to safe harbour.’

Being the Lighthouse


Lighthouses have always fascinated me and especially those large images you see in poster shops of the remote lighthouse withstanding massive waves and turbulent seas!… Sometimes in life it feels just like that is what is going on around us, everything feels chaotic and there is a longing for respite and calm.

Perhaps in those experiences it is not for us to focus on calming the waves or waiting for the storm to subside, but to use that time to turn within and see how we can strengthen ourselves, to feel that stability within so that we can remain unruffled by the ebb and flow of life.

Staying Strong and Grounded

I like the analogy of the lighthouse. There is something so powerful in this ability to stay in this strong, grounded centred place. An inner resourcefulness develops, a deep trusting of self regardless of what is going on externally… to bring the attention back within, to breathe and to know that this is where the wisdom can be accessed for any action to take place.

I recall coming across another article a few years ago with a piece that caught my eye that went something like… ‘A lighthouse doesn’t go running around the island looking for someone to save, it stands tall and strong and illuminates safe passage for others on their journey.

As an empath and sensitive myself I have been so aware of how easy it has been for me to be pulled off centre in the past. The quote made me smile and flagged up for me how much healing I had done on my patterns and how my once very active rescuer archetype could have so easily found itself engaging in someone else’s drama and story (and often did!) to the detriment of my own energy and wellbeing… do you recognise this pattern?

Tools and Resources for Self Care and Inner Reflection

So do you remember to come back to centre in your busy life, to keep that inner light strong? Do you quickly notice when you have become scattered or feel overwhelmed? One of the greatest learning’s for me has been to take time for Self Care and inner reflection. To have tools and resources that can bring me back within to reconnect with my own heart light and power centre.

In these times it is essential that we have time within our daily lives when that inner flame is fueled… do you really know what lights you up? What ignites your bliss? For some of us that is time with our loved ones, being in nature, a piece of music, a morning ritual. That engagement with the feeling and heart expansion which comes from gifting ourselves that time, creates an illuminated heart, fires the DNA, instructs the brain to sends our positive endorphins and we become magnetic in our attractor factor!

Rose Oracle Deck Altar

One of the tools I use daily is the Rose Oracle deck … I go to my altar space and just shuffle the cards and ask the question… ‘What inspiration and guidance may the Roses have for me today?’… I place that Rose card on my heart and breathe her energy in before setting her on a stand. It is as if she supports and inspires the energy of my unfolding day.

I am reminded of another quote that I love from Alice Bailey…‘I build a lighted house, therein I dwell’… Lighting our hearts and lives is an inside job. Being grounded, authentic and holding self-esteem and self-value allows for a deep sense of connectedness, stability and trust in ourselves which others recognise.

Time to BE the lighthouse of your own life.

Sandy Humby 2015