On December the 1st in my morning meditation I was guided to commence a 31 day process with the Rose energies from the Rose Oracle… and I knew this was the next deepened process… goodness, what a journey it has been. The Christmas holidays and New Year were like no other I can remember with memories re surfacing and yet more ‘stuff’ coming conscious for clearing out and letting go.

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A little of the background story…

From early summer 2010 following my initial connection and initiation with the Roses in the Rose gardens of The Alhambra, Granada, Spain I have been working every day with these beautiful healing energies as they have nourished and inspired my journey from a place of passage through my own personal ‘dark night of the soul’ to follow the calling of my heart and repeatedly emerge with new wisdoms to share.

Initially there were just the original 11 who came forward to form a healing chakra grid on the body. They whispered that they had come to heal the ‘Magdalene Wound’, the aspects of Heart trauma held within the Feminine that was so needed at this time. I soon realised of course that they had indeed come to do this much needed work within myself first!!

By the end of 6 months of daily work with these gorgeous carriers of Pure Love I felt guided to put my very first ‘The Way of The Rose’ workshop out there, and guess what… 11 gorgeous Rose goddesses arrived to share that first Rosy day!

The magical journey had begun…

Over the following 5 years, as and when I was ready, new Roses would show themselves forming layer after layer of new ways of facilitating inner shift, gracefully releasing old patterns and stories that embed themselves at a cellular level in the body when we are not able to fully process and let go of our experiences.

Finally in the early spring of 2014 the final set of Roses calling themselves RoseMa… ‘the Mother of the Rose’ revealed themselves… they were ready to activate the Heart chakra to fully embody the qualities of the awakened and empowered feminine. I was also guided at that point that the set was ready to be published as an Oracle for the Heart. The set finally arrived just 2 days before I was to arrive in New York in June 2014!

Clearing and purification…

This feels to have been a calling for many at this time, not just because we have entered a New Year… but because the intensity of the energy at this time is calling for us to be as clear as we can to ease the process of embodying ever more light… this is the journey to enlightenment. The Alchemy the Rose offers of turning our lead into GOLD.

As I processed my way through December working with one Rose as a focus each day I was so amazed at the synchronicity that showed themselves related to the Rose I was working with… I spend many days walking around (thankfully at home here) with a Rose card tucked down the front of my top!! … well there was one peeking out when I got the checkout at Waitrose too.

It became clear then that I was to offer this same journey but as a daily video as we move through January creating a focus and a safe container for the journey to release all that is not in alignment with our higher Soul purpose.

The first 11 Day videos are public and you can check them here.

Make sure you do not miss any one of these 31 wonderful daily Rose inspirations!

If you have not already done so …

You can register for the 31 Day Rosy Adventure by clicking here.

And this is just some of the feedback

Just a note of love & gratitude for sharing the Rose Energy

So Sandy, today I will look to the roses for strength once again

a bit of Rosie feedback, very interesting so far, I have been feeling very tired and have slept a lot

I am LOVING the 31 day Rosy adventure and look forward to it everyday – thank you

This has been so valuable.

Lovely supportive and soothing energies… Just what I resonate with at the moment

I so enjoy your videos and will keep up with you and your rose card messages for the coming days as I feel strongly connected to them…with a shower of rainbow petals to you today

The Next Phase of 31 day Rosy Adventure

The next phase of this offering will be to deepen again with breath work, mediation and movement and the whole package will be available to download… very exciting.

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