In the past 2 weeks I have traveled to Phoenix Arizona to share my work with the Roses and then on to Sedona with 3 of my Rose Sisters – Renae, Lisa and Dona from New Jersey. Sedona is renowned for its amazing Red Rocks, Vortexes and interesting land energies!

power of sacred spaces

On this journey I have had time to reflect on the power of the landscape and land energies to transform and uplift our consciousness. This power was known and ‘read’ by our ancestors who were so closely connected to the Sacredness of the land and the honouring of Mother Earth.

Why we visit these ‘powerspots’?

These ‘powerspots’ we recognise today were also the sites of celebration and rituals over thousands of years and these have added to the pre existing energy of the land, embedding the memories deeply into the stones and the earth. When we take time in these places and fall into stillness magic and messages can be received and intuitive insights gained which can offer healing and enrich our own journey.

Whether you find yourself drawn to places such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury or even Sedona there is something about the energies that continues to call people, and in that experience they act as a reminder to reconnect with something deep and primal within Self.

cathedral rock edit for image 1-min

Cathedral Rock

As it was with the Ancient Temple builders, those who harnessed and wove the earth energies with Geometries and purpose to create buildings which acted as charge capacitors and transformers for the soul. Chartres is a wonderful example of this and is one of the most magical buildings I have visited.

Ultimately it is a weave of Heaven and Earth, ‘as above so below’ and a balancing of Masculine and Feminine which offers the opportunity for experiencing bliss and this is found in a landscape Temple as well as a structure built with consciousness.

The Sacred Weave and the power of the Goddess

So I sat at the Buddhist Stupa and peace gardens in Sedona and saw and felt the red and green of the land… looked up and saw the blue and white of the sky. This could be interpreted as Mother Earth and Father Sky dancing together but I was also aware of the symbolism of the colours. Mary Magdalene is so often seen in Red and Green and Mother Mary in blue and white were there, the Divine and Earthly aspects of creation in Sacred weave… either way it was both beautiful and transformational. The power of the Goddess was so clearly felt.

buddha sedona for image 2-min

Buddha, Sedona

Bringing the harmony of the Masculine and Feminine energies

It was also interesting to me in the landscape Temple of Sedona that the places that were most clearly attributed to the Masculine, Bell Rock, a clockwise Vortex and the Feminine, Cathedral Rock, a counter clockwise Vortex I experienced as balanced not polarized.

Sedona feels to be one of the places on the planet that is holding the energy of emergence. The opening to the next level of our conscious evolution, bringing the harmony of the Masculine and Feminine energies and the potential birthing of the Divine child or Christ Consciousness in each and everyone of us.

If Sedona is calling you, I will running a Retreat there in March 2016!